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    Various BNSF Open Rail screenshots

    Thread Starter: BNrailfan

    Various BNSF Open Rail screenshots Rules for this thread: This thread is mainly anything related to the BNSF Family Includes...

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    213 001-1

    New commercial provider in Germany

    Thread Starter: 213 001-1

    Hello everybody! From now on, there's a new commercial producer of activities for the MSTS. It's called "Fahrt frei" and offers activity-packages...

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    Long Train Operation

    Thread Starter: steamer_ctn

    If you are operating long trains, then you will be interested in potential derailment issues, and your trains will need to be marshalled...

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    Separation or Complete Packaging?

    Thread Starter: CSRX

    Folks, Over the past year or two, maybe longer. I have collected and sat on finished projects, ranging from boxcars, to well cars. Now, I am...

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    Where's Goku?

    Thread Starter: eolesen

    Has anyone been in touch with Goku? Curious to know if he's OK and/or just taking a break. His last posting activity on his own forum and here...

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    What do you do in Open Rails

    Thread Starter: thebonepile

    I have finally built a computer which is capable of playing a little train stuff. So I have been following Run8 and waiting for Version 3 to be...

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    Mid East Coast v1 (UKTS)

    Thread Starter: haverfordwest

    MidEast Coast (MEC) is an upgrade to MidEast Plus (MEP). It is suitable for use in Open Rails only (not in MSTS). The Route depicts the steam era...

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    SD70ACe loco (sherman hill)

    Thread Starter: Rebrecs

    Wow .. gotta learn to drive all over again. (?) Either, I am setting up the SD70ACe locos incorrectly, or the braking functionality is a major...

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    MSTS Default GP38-2 External Engine Sound Not Initially Heard!?

    Thread Starter: PeterB

    Just noticed this now. The default MSTS GP38-2 locomotive external engine sound is not heard when running under various versions of Open Rails...

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    The PR GE U25C My Prince

    Thread Starter: gmu30

    Hi Most Loving Friends. I came back to this website after a long time but I am a senior member of this website So now I will do daily message good...

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