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    Any Route, Any Railroad, Any Era. ORTS Edition

    Thread Starter: defect_detector

    EWIR 4451 builds an ethanol train at Glendale before beginning its westward journey for the PNW.

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    Well The Long Awaited V3 is here

    Thread Starter: westerngy

    Run 8 is not vapourware but has quietly been working on a ton of new things for V3 of the sim you love. Just because you don't hear from someone...

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    What OTTO can or can't do?

    Thread Starter: SurvivorSean

    So I've managed to read the AI DS manual. Nothing new here from what I've noticed so far in various YouTube. It's going to be more limited than a...

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    An observation

    Thread Starter: seagoon

    After more than three hours into v3, there's one particular thing I've enjoyed which may (or may not) be of interest to others. Firstly I want to...

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    System Time?

    Thread Starter: seagoon

    For some reason the Date and Time adjuster won't see my system time/date correctly - it keeps wanting to use yesterday's date....i.e., what it would...

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    Rear of Train Brake Cylinder Pressure Readout Missing From Status Monitor (F5 key)

    Thread Starter: meeshu

    First time I've come across this issue! Trying to run a long stack train (3 locomotives and 248 well cars) in a simple activity going from A to B...

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    CNO&TP 3rd District

    Thread Starter: landnrailroader

    README1st: This route has the same name as a previous route from 2011 which I will ask Nels to remove from the library. If you have that route...

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    Open Rails Video uploads.

    Thread Starter: CSRX

    Recently I've been thinking of getting back to uploading YouTube videos when I can. So far I have started with the task of activities on the Mullan...

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    Cab Views - More than Center/Left/Right?

    Thread Starter: Der_Hans

    I'm still relatively new to Open Rails but I wanted to ask a little bit about cab views. Most of the locomotives that I currently have do not come...

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    CP Rail SD40 texture update

    Thread Starter: bnsfsd40-2

    Hello, I managed to buy those GNR SD40´s from tigertrains and updated the #5551 skin to #5536. Textures around the bottom and grills are carefully...

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