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    Tracks on all routes look like they're laid in concrete, ( no ballast texture).

    Thread Starter: dkingsburg

    :confused: All of My Routes Do Not Have Any Track Texture. Only A Gray Area Where the Tracks Should Be. Everything looks Correct on All of My Routes...

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    Various Screenshots with no particular theme - Part 2021

    Thread Starter: eolesen

    Everyone needs to follow the guidelines, starting with what's been in place for years and years : ...

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    Union Pacific La Grande Subdivision - Development Thread

    Thread Starter: tarrant75

    This will be my thread to showcase an upcoming TrainSimulations route project I am working on: Union Pacific's La Grande Subdivision, running from...

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    GN Hi-Line

    Thread Starter: bandorr2000

    I can not run this route completely in ORTS. It runs fine in MSTS, but there seems to be an issue in ORTS. All Westbound activities originating in...

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    Can't Delete RE item running under Win7x64

    Thread Starter: gcaggiano

    I installed MSTS on my laptop running Win7x64, avoiding the Program Files folders in the C: drive and using G:\Train Simulator as a folder. I added...

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    Activity Editor Organization

    Thread Starter: avo

    Hello With win 7, the AE startup window appears with the dialog box partially covered. Does anyone know how to change the position of the dialog...

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    BNSF H4 SD75M's :)

    Thread Starter: BNSFSD70ace

    Hey everyone been few year's since i have done any new content for this simulator, in saying that since Open Rails has taken off i have been quietly...

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    Trona branch - Video - pick-up at Searles

    Thread Starter: seagoon

    A short (10min) video of the included-in-the-route activity involving empty coal cars at Searles.

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    Help installing level crossing mod

    Thread Starter: ComengSet488M

    Hi all, I got the epping line running, and I am loving it, however, I recently have been wanting the crossing arms a bit more "Melbourneish" if you...

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    PRR-east v2 overhead wires

    Thread Starter: jdonald1

    The overhead catenary wires are not showing up in this route using OR or Monogame. Option boxes for overhead wires are checked. Tried running NEC4...

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