TrainSim.Com Rules


In some cases, the owner of this site may be accountable. Thus, we will be conservative in our enforcement of these rules as required.

(A) - Users shall not post or transmit material through these forums that:

  • violates or infringes the rights of another (such as the unauthorized posting of trademarks, copyrighted material, and the like);
  • advocates software piracy (such as methods of obtaining software without paying for it, offering or accepting software in an illegal manner);
  • threatens, abusives, defames, or otherwise attacks another (such as through sociological, geographical, political, financial, or religious attacks);
  • contains profanity, vulgarity, or other obscenities;
  • is in poor taste according to community standards (such as posting train crashes);
  • contains pornography or pornographic language; OR
  • spams or otherwise has the effect of a mass advertisement or mailing.

The aforementioned may be more easily understood from the following analogy--Imagine yourself being invited into OUR home. We have invited guests from around the world to join in. Each of these guests come from different sociological, geographical, political, financial, and religious backgrounds. We will supply the place in which to gather, but please understand that all of the guests here are our friends. If one comes in here and insults our other guests, pick fights, is rude, or generally disrupts the flow of our gathering, they will be asked to tone it down or leave. The rest of us just want to converse. However, this does not mean that our guests can't debate like adults (i.e. with respect and thoughtfulness). This also does not mean that our guests have to agree on everything, but again just act like an adult that has been invited into someone else's home!

The management of these forums reserves the right and has a legal obligation in some instances, to restrict the publications of certain words, trademarks, service marks, trade and service names which are the property of other companies and for which we do not have permission or license to publish. In such cases, the aforementioned words will be blocked from publication in the forums and replaced with this symbol #####. This symbol will display in all text including URLs. It will interfere with uploads from blocked website and will prevent text entries of URLs from those properties in question from being utilized. Please understand that these restrictions are imposed upon us from the other companies who have objected to the publication of their intellectual property by forum posters here. The blocks are required by our legal obligation to not infringe on the intellectual property of other companies.

Likewise, certain profanities, racial epithets and other obscene and defamatory expressions are also blocked to protect the integrity of the discourse in our forums and to provide visitors, many of whom are minors, a safe and wholesome environment in which to discuss issues about simming.

As a forum member, and as a condition of the permission we grant to forum members to post here, you are required to respect these required prohibitions and refrain from posting blocked terms. Repeated posting of blocked terms or flames regarding this policy are ground for revocation of forum privileges.

(B) - If you intend to use a signature banner in your posts, the maximum physical size allowed is 450 pixels wide by 120 pixels high. The maximum file size allowed is 25k. If you choose to use multiple banners, the above limits apply to the TOTAL phyical size (including space between the banners) and the TOTAL file size. Posts that exceed this rule may be removed without warning!

(C) - As has been explained before, we reserve the right to restrict or prevent a user from using these forums, either through the locking and removing of threads or the outright banning of accounts and IP addresses.

(D) - Furthermore, due to the varying nature of conflict or other issues that may arise, it should be understood that the application and enforcement of these rules or those otherwise deemed necessary may be enforced to a greater or lesser degree without warning.

All that being said, many here will/should understand that these forums are meant to be a gathering place to discuss railroading issues--a place that is set aside to foster friendships, exchange ideas, and revel in our many differences that makes this such a wonderful international community!

Have fun and come back and contribute often!