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    Routes and consists Problems

    So I have been having this problem where I make a Consist and it decides to stay with the route it was made on and not let you use the consist on any other route. It is really annoying when you need...
  2. All right I looked at the RICHED32.DLL and found...

    All right I looked at the RICHED32.DLL and found it was part of one of MS .net DX installs. Seems it was corrupted so I just uninstalled those programs and reinstalled them and it works great.
  3. MSTS Bin 1.7 and 1.8 Rich text edit control error

    Hey guys recently I have been having this error:


    I have run MSTS on this computer before and had it run perfectly with no problems.
    Here are my specs:

    Windows xp service pack 3...
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    msts bin 1.8.0105 size error

    So I have MSTS and the MSTS Bin 1.8.0105 patch installed as well as a whole bunch of addons, totalling 16.2GB worth. The problem is that in control panel I noticed that the msts bin patch seems to be...
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