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    Thank-You Nickol and Hack, Everything...

    Thank-You Nickol and Hack,
    Everything appeared okay when the asset editor exported the object and textures. I did try the "simplify setting" in the 3dc export lod's wizard and that did the...
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    Having trouble exporting buildings.

    I have a quick model made in 3D Crafter. I have it textured, using 1 texture file. I used the wizard in 3DC to export to .igs and the texture to .ace. I then use the blueprint editor to export it...
  3. Re: adding buildings in Railworks using 3D Crafter.

    Thank-you... I will check these out.
  4. I too, am very interested in texturing models for...

    I too, am very interested in texturing models for railworks. I have 3d Crafter and Blender 2.64. I make the models using Autodesk Inventor, then converting them to .stl to import into 3DC, but I...
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