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    EMD 645D3A Sound set

    Good Morning! 3 years ago I saw a post about sound set EMD 645D3A, which would be sets 645 assembled on a 567 block with its turbo D3 (turbo model in 567), I am very intrigued by the forum thread....
  2. sound set EMD 16-645E3 turbo and non-turbo next update

    good morning from Argentina! I bring you a news about the EMD 16-645E3 turbo and non-turbo sound set. There will be an update in some acceleration points, because it was tested with some friends and...
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    MSTS supports only up to 22 kHz of frequency,...

    MSTS supports only up to 22 kHz of frequency, however open rails supports 44 kHz of frequency. high quality and better sound stream
  4. Set of Sounds from EMD, GE and ALCo

    Good afternoon, I am creating a set of sounds from EMD, GE and ALCo, it is difficult for me to make the brake sounds, is there any advice? just for the sounds of brakes hahaha, and I have no idea how...
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