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    IzMeBee Guest

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    I was doing the Isaburo run. Stopped at the first station and backed into the switchback. There was a Red Stop. I sat there and sat there... banged on the tab key a few times. Dispatch man was having nothing of it. I sat there until I was late for my next station. I must be doing something wrong.

    Any suggestions??

    Thanks much in advance


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    pethu Guest

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    I, too, foolishly thought backing up past the signal would be enough... You have to back all the way to the end of the track, before it turns green. That lost me a few minutes... :)

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    Master Qui Gon Guest

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    I don't know the MSTS activities well enough to know the specific situation you're referring to, but you usually do have to travel a distance beyond the signal to clear the circuit. If you are still on it, you shunt the circuit and it shows the track is still occupied to the operator handling the power switches.
    In real life, it doesn't matter. I could be several unit lengths clear of the circuit. If the dispatcher or operator is eating a ham sandwich or outside having a smoke, I don't get a signal until they're damn good and ready. :-)
    Our dispatchers are also 1,100 miles away and we are often out of radio contact due to winding routes through the mountains.
    Needless to say, our 205 mile route can be covered in 6 hours if you can run at track speed, but this situation combined with other obstacles has us on the job 12 or more hours sometimes.

    Master Qui-Gon

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    Randy_999 Guest

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    I just came across this pair of Isburo entries and am totally baffled by my experience with that trip. On the first try, near the first station at Okoba and going through a fairly long tunnel, my single-car "train" slowed down slowly and simply quit, and then started rolling BACKWARDS! I had no control over it whatever, and finally had to escape while it was running at about 40 mph back toward the starting point. Well, I attributed that to some glitch in my system, even though I've had very few glitches of any kind, so a day or two later I had to try that run again. This time I did manage to reach Okoba, where the single track divided to straddle the station platform on each side. But then I discovered it was the end of the line!!! Up ahead in plain sight were two end-of-track barriers. End of tourist activities, obviously, but have others of you managed to complete this tourist run all the way to Yoshimatu? How can I be missing practically 90% of a railroad???

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    Starlight Guest

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    *G* That's not the end...look up and to your rear and you'll see the beginning of a switchback. Me, I did the same thing...

    I can just see the headlines now:

    Tourists go on wild ride down mountain in RDC...Driver expected to try out for olympic bobsled team next year.

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    Picked this trick up from the Lago Activity Pack...Watch the little revers symbol in your track monitor. When it just disapears, the switches and signals will change as soon as you reverse and start moving. NOTE: The reverse symbol must disapear...not just be hiding under your blue arrow train indicator thingy!

    Hope this helps.

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    goonybird Guest

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    I can only respond to your comment on the tab key, request to dispatcher for permission to proceed.

    I've a hunch that the tab key works only if the subsequent signal to your red one were also red, and that the block in between the (two) signals is neither obstructed nor occupied. I've customized my switches throughout a complex junction I'm assembling in a network I'm creating, and for this junction I've created approximately 80 signal shapes and 40 signal types (the appearances of either plain or switch-type signals are identical to others of its respective type), all for the purpose of having the signals behave and interact with each other flawlessly. For example, in order that a train's rear end not be hanging over a switch when stopped by a red light, I assigned the preceding signal to also display a stop. So far I've only discovered that this scripting saves my train from being clipped from behind by a traffic train that's coursing the other exit to the (immediate) preceding switch. I've also assigned unique speed-limit guided yellow aspects to the junction signals so that the player needn't inadvertently discover that s/he must come to a full stop from a high speed over a short distance; to make this fully work, most of the signals are scripted to show yellow if the signal ahead of it is also yellow, and it was also necessary to have varying number-of-clear-signals-ahead values so that the player will indeed get green aspects were there no obstruction ahead of it. (But now, I've decided to the modify the chain yellows to also include a chain of CLEAR_1 aspect so that following trains needn't slow too unnecessarily.)

    Anyhow, keeping switches clear (unobstructed) is mostly -- for the time being, that is.... -- why I assign some signals to be red were the respective signal ahead of them also red. When I enounter a red light that happens to be the beginning of a chain of red signals, pressing tab before each of these red signals grants me permission to proceed right up to the last red signal in the chain. The dispatcher won't grant me permission to proceed beyond the last red signal of the (my assigned) chain.

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