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    SHEPLEY1935 Guest

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    Reading this persons postings he sounds a lot like Copper, Donner and/or Donner Pass or what ever User Name that will get him into the forum. Who is this fellow as his profile does not say anything?

    Don Shepley-Chicago

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    driverphil1 Guest

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    I remeber someone with the username Donner Pass ove at the MSTS Community:


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    LOT_767 Guest

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    what do you want.....

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    SHEPLEY1935 Guest

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    You are correct! Over at TranSimulator Fan Site he used Donner and Donner Pass and if you remember, he was always demanding something ASAP and always looking for a freebie, much like LOT767's request for a free version of ESE!

    Hope all is well with You and Yours!

    Don Shepley-Chicago

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    SHEPLEY1935 Guest

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    Who are you? Tell the members of this forum something about yourself...your profile is blank!

    Don Shepley-Chicago

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    Nov 1999

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    I guess only Nels would know for sure. I believe he can view the IP addresses for anyone posting here if this forum is typical of most. I agree that the posting styles are much the same, but there are a lot of people out there that have rather poor forum skills (CAPS, flames, etc), so we shall see.


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    Hey Don

    What difference does it make who this person is. I have seen this question come up before concerning who this person is. This person doesn't bother me, as it is apparent that he bothers some with some percieved annoying habits. I have been here in this forum since last June and the MSTS Community a slightly shorter time, and have learned to grow a thick skin.

    Some people will change a screen name if they feel they are getting picked on. I think this may be the case here.

    No flame, just my opinion.

    Chuck Hebert
    [email protected]

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    driverphil1 Guest

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    Yeah, I sure remember him wanting things for free etc. He alsways had, I dunno really, kind of 'an attempt at emotional posts' if you get what I mean. Donner Pass you out there!!

    Oh, sorry about the block on profile, I was fiddling the other day, I'll go sort it!!

    And also, its quite good being able to view peoples IP addresses, I can do that with my counter, and block them if I wish. (Evil Laugh!!) LOL

    [iDownload section now accessable!!! Why did no one tell me?![/i]

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    Nov 1999
    Stevens Point, Wisconsin, USA.

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    " Reading this persons postings he sounds a lot like Copper, Donner and/or Donner Pass"...
    You know you're getting old when all the young kids start to sound alike, ya old curmudgeon! :P

    Seriously, there are a few adolescents on this forum (you can usually tell), and that poses some problems. On the one hand, if they are able to remain totally anonymous, they can log in under a few different identities and generally stir up trouble if they're inclined to. On the other hand, the internet is a happy hunting ground for child molesters, and too much personal information can become the key that a pervert needs to open the door. My own personal opinion is that no child should be on the internet without direct adult supervision, but unfortunately my opinion don't count for squat. So when minors do join us, we should show a little patience, respect and preserve their privacy for safety's sake, click on the "alert" to let Nels know if we think they're being a problem, and sometimes tell them they need to get Dad or Mom to help them rewrite their questions in wording that makes sense. If the parents aren't too busy, that is, unfortunately our society places a hell of a lot more importance on productivity than on raising children. Had to get me started on politics, didn't you?

    Well, anyway, some of them are going to be more mature than others, some are real nice kids, some are spoiled brats. So in a sense the kids are a lot like the adults! Some, like a certain teenager from Germany, contribute some great things, so I don't think banning kids from the forum would be a good thing. The ones that draw your attention the most are the ones who have parents that don't know or care that they're here, and those are the ones who are going to be the most irritating, since apathetic parents equals little or no home training. Most of us here are fathers and grandfathers, so we really shouldn't have too many problems teaching them the manners that their parents neglected to give them.

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    georgi55 Guest

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    >Most of us
    >here are fathers and grandfathers,
    >so we really shouldn't have
    >too many problems teaching them
    >the manners that their parents
    >neglected to give them.

    I don't know in other parts of US, but if you see the way parents grow their kids in LA, you will not believe it.
    I go to public high school in LA, senior, graduating in 1 month and half, and 90% (no, I am not exaturating)
    of kids in school have no respect to teachers/thier friends/or whoever is on campus.
    Thier parent's dont even care what they do on school, and parent not showing up even called from homewroom teacher is something usual.
    On parent conference day, that is held at night so that working paretns can come, one teacher average about 4 visitors out of 100 students.
    I will be moving to Maryland in September to go to college and I can't wait to.

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