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Thread: What the heck? This goes with the Railfanning and the man post as well...

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    Default What the heck? This goes with the Railfanning and the man post as well...

    Okay, this is a railfanning story so it's a little long

    About an hour ago I decided to go up to the philly sub since I haven't heard a train go by in a while, well I waited along side of the track bed just minding my own business when these two kids were walking down the tracks, inbetween each rail - nothing unusual I thought, happens all the time.

    Anyway, about 5 minutes later they started throwing some rocks at a persons house or backyard along side the track - couldn't tell, well I started to think these two were going to get a lecture by the local police if someone should call them and they'd find these two clones goofing off on the philly sub throwing rocks... so I ignored it and about 5 minutes later I saw a 3 bright lights emmerge from the distance over a small hill, now this is where I started getting a little worried, and these two clowns so this light as well... of course, now they have to mess with a train as it rolls by.

    This mixed freight with trash containers heading southbound towards Baltimore was going about 30-35 MPH, so it's going to take it a minute or so to get to my location, I decided to space myself out from these two clowns so the train crew didn't think bad of me, so I walked towards them I said Hey but they didnt say anything back - and I walked some more... about half a mile the train was closing in, the grade crossing bells could be heard where I was standing and they could hear it too, I was about 300 feet from them and I was watching them through my binoculars up on the tracks grabbing rocks from the trackbed and placing it on the rails.. that's real smart right? I just spaced myself apart so that I was sure not to get hit by any rock fragments.

    Well, the conductor waved to me and I noticed I've seen him quite a few times before, he probably noticed the same since he took the time to open the window and wave and actually nod to you - when he went by and shut the window in his CW6000AC, but 300 feet ahead he had to reopen the window to look what made a giant dust cloud coming from the lead trucks as it ran over all those rocks Im sure him and the engineer heard some noises too ... He must have yelled too because I saw his upper body out of the window pointing at the two idiots laughing... after examination I knew the area where the cloud of dust was from the lead trucks and I there were big scratches that stretched about 10-15 feet all over the rails.

    you know, this makes me disappointed because it really does ruin it for me, Im sure you all have had similar experiences or know of some - I guess I can't complain too much since incidents like this wont stop

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    Default RE: What the heck? This goes with the Railfanning and the man post as well...

    [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON May-28-02 AT 02:57AM (EDT)[/font][p]I know exatly what you are talking about, I have been around trains my entire life, and have experienced this first hand. I was about 8 years old, and my dad was a conductor for the commutes in the Bay Area, Cal Train. My father and I were riding alone in a cab car and I asked if I could ride in the cab, and my dad said that it would be fine. I had been in the cab no longer then 10 seconds before I heard a huge *CRACK* and a huge pockmark appears in the bullet prrof glass. Needless to say it scared the hell out of me.

    Another, but funny instance, was when my dad was conductor for Amtrak. Around the mid 1990's, Amtrak got the new California Cars added the the fleet, and probably on the second trip, were totally stoned by a group of about 6 kids. On the way back from Bakersfield (the end of the route) the kids were still there throwing rocks the next day. Since the track speed where they were was 30 miles per hour, the engineer plugged the train and the Conductor and AC hopped off of the train and nabbed 2 of the little sh*ts. Those two got court hearings and probabtion and the rest were caught when the little freaks were questioned. I guess they never thought a train would fight back...

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    Default RE: What the heck? This goes with the Railfanning and the man post as well...

    I think I would have been very tempted to apply a dose of size 14 (go ahead and laugh, shoe salesmen do) to the backside of one or two of those folks.

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    Default RE: What the heck? This goes with the Railfanning and the man post as well...

    I bet a lot of conductors and engineers along with the rest of train crews and any railroad employee wouldn't mind giving the "How would you like it if I did this to your..." kinda speech to all the idiots who do dumb stuff to trains. :)

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