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Thread: need help off topic (diecast models)

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    Default need help off topic (diecast models)

    hi guys, I've been looking around for 1:18/26 yellow cabs based on Caprice and 92-97 Crown Victoria, can't find any so far, please post a link or three...

    I know of a few sources all with limited choice, new sources are needed. Some big rigs and F/S pick up truck sources would also be much appreciated.

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    Default RE: need help off topic (diecast models)

    Collectible die-cast has a Crown Vic in Checker Cab Company style. Looks to be a newer style Vic. They also carry some of the big-rigs.

    Diecast Muscle are really good people to deal with. They have a few big rigs in, but don't have any taxi's listed at the moment, but you might keep checking back.

    These stores carry a little of everything:

    Might find what you're looking for in one of these, good luck!

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