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    i have win98 secound..i have 265 ram..MTS works very good..but Trainz doesn't work at some that i can do..or a do i need a update?or do i need a driver or software?please help!!!1 might be..i got trainz file from my girlfriend computer
    she has win2000

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    You may wish to ask at the Auran forum.


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    georgi55 Guest

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    Damn you jerk, that's illegal.

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    >i have win98 secound..i have 265
    >ram..MTS works very good..but Trainz
    >doesn't work at some
    >that i can do..or a
    >do i need a update?or
    >do i need a driver
    >or software?please help!!!1 might
    >be..i got trainz file from
    >my girlfriend computer
    >she has win2000

    First off, you need to get your own copy of Trainz not your girlfriend's. You won't be able to get updates with a pirated version and you and your girlfriend will end up getting banned from Auran's forums.

    Second, what kind of video card do you have (Voodoo cards are not supported) and do you have the latest video drivers?


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