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Thread: News: Thomas the Tank Engine to be sold!

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    Default News: Thomas the Tank Engine to be sold!

    Just read this:


    Bob the Builder and Thomas the Tank Engine set to join forces

    By Ananova

    The company behind Bob The Builder could soon be taking over the firm which owns Thomas The Tank Engine.

    HIT Entertainment has confirmed it has made a bid approach to Gullane Entertainment.

    HIT says the approach envisages a price of 500p per share.

    This would be paid mostly in cash funded out of HIT's bank facilities.

    In 2000, Gullane rejected a 750p-a-share bid approach from HIT.

    Gullane's performance has been boosted by the continued popularity of Thomas The Tank Engine and Sooty.

    HIT is best-known for owning Bob The Builder and Barney The Dinosaur.

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    So, "Can We Fix It?" :D :D

    Explanation: 'Bob the Builder' released a song called 'Can we fix it', which beat Emininninnmem (or whatever he calls himself) to the Christmas Number 1 in the singles chart in the UK.

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    Default RE: News: Thomas the Tank Engine to be sold!

    Man I hope someone told Ringo!!!!

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