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    Okay, I have a slight itch I can't scratch. I've searched, but I haven't goten any explainable conclusions

    As most of us are knowledgeable with railroads and everything that goes along with a railroad, I have a question that I'm not positive on.

    So an Engineer and a Conductor roll out of Yard A to take a 10 hour long road trip to Yard B, They've both worked long enough to where they legally can't take another freight back to Yard A, or in that case would feel up to doing that without some sort of break. Okay, so how do these two train crew get back to Yard A?

    Im assuming that Yard A is where these two guys live near by and where they reported for work, parked their cars. etc. I know that sometimes train crews aren't home for a while, but is this the reason? Where would they sleep for the night before they have to report to another train for duty? Obviously, all railroads have figured how to do this, but I'm just curious - I have a good idea, but not positive.

    Just about every inbound and outbound crews in real life and on TV/Video/DVD have some sort of bag, breif case and maybe sometimes a small cooler and what not, something that looks that if they had to be away from home and needed something to live on for a while they can get it in their travel bag.

    Of course, not everyone can answer this but maybe some people who've had experience in this.


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    Usually when a crew is in danger of violating the Hours of Service Act, they will stop in a siding and a releif crew "Dog Catch" will be sent. Then, the crew from Yard A typically rides the same van back to Yard B (where the Dog Catch crew came from). They will usually stay in a motel until rested, the run a train back to Yard A. Hope that clears it up a bit.


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    as a conductor on the ns i can tell you how they do it....1] they will put you up in a hotel for 8 hours rest , then call you to take a train back to yard a..or 2] they will have a van drive you back from yard depends on what they need done. some 12 hour days turn into 14-16 hour days when you wait for the van to show up then you get a ride back to your home terminal...then you get into your car and drive home!!!!! we sleep in the van if we can on the way back because you dont want to fall asleep at the wheel on your way home. then you get 10 hours rest before they can call you out again to do it all over....

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    Thanks everyone for the info.

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    Where's Judd Spittler... er, I mean, Judd Hirsch!
    The D&H crews used taxi service in Binghamton, NY in the 1970s when they 'outlawed'.

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