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    FatController Guest

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    Hi people, I am in need of your expertise.

    Does anyone know if the Curse of Monkey Island and/or Escape From Monkey Island work with Windows XP? Being old games I suspect not, but if anyone has got them to work could they let me know?



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    kevarc Guest

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    A qualified they might. When you go to install do not let it autoinstall. I am not at the right computer at the moment. Look in the help file about running programs in older versions of windows. there is a way to set it up where it will run. I had to do it on a couple of programs for my son that would not work under XP. I did get them to work. If later this evening there hasn't been a answer I will get it for you step by step.

    Kevin Arceneaux

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    Visit the game publisher's web site and see if there are any issues of running the games on Windows XP such as having to download a patch. Jeffrey.

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    rrlyon Guest

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    I believe they were DOS games, and as such will not run on XP (no DOS mode).

    Bellevue, WA

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    FatController Guest

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    Thanks for your help everyone! :-)

    I have done a little research and it is true that they are DOS based and won't work with XP. Certainly that is the case with the older of the two. It is a shame.


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    driverphil1 Guest

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    Yes, DOS was completly removed in XP, but you can access a DOS command prompt where you can try to run your software, by going to Start, Run and typing 'command' (without quotes).


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