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Thread: Amtrak's Heritage coaches

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    How many Heritage coaches do Amtrak still have in service, and what trains are they used for?

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    well when Amtrak was formed in the 70's they bought other ralords passenger cars for sale and by now all or almost all of them are gone!!!
    not sure were but the last time i saw one was in the mid 80's!!!
    they are going to sell em all cause the new superliner!!!!!!

    America's railroads are among the best in the world!
    if we want em to stay like that we better pay tribute!
    Railroads help us in time of need even when we dont notice!


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    There are some routes in the East where tunnel clearances are too tight for Superliners. It is on those trains you will see the Heritage cars.

    There are still many Heritage sleepers in service as Amtrak Crew Cars. For the Passengers, Viewliners have taken over for the single-level sleeper equipment.

    Diners are still a mainstay. To date, there is only ONE Viewliner Diner. Outside of that, the only other Single Level Diners that Amtrak has are the rebuilt Heritage 8500 series. Those are the ones you'll see on most long-distance trains in the East.

    At least one Heritage car was rebuilt as an Automat car (replace the cafe car attendant with Vending Machines, you have Automat).

    Of course, there are multitudes of Heritage Baggage Cars still hanging around. In fact, quite a few of the coaches were rebuilt into Baggage Cars (the ones with the Vestibule on one end and the Roll-up door in the center).

    The Heritage Lounges are pretty much extinct, replaced by Amfleet II cars.

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    Default RE: Amtrak's Heritage coaches

    The Adirondack which runs from New York Penn to Montreal uses Heritage Coaches & Baggage Car and a Amfleet Lounge.

    The Ethan Allen Express which runs from New York Penn to Rutland, VT uses the same type of equipment.

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    Default RE: Amtrak's Heritage coaches

    I was reading an amtrak magazine and they said that they are in service in Pittisburg. This is one year old.

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