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I leaving for Dennison Ohio Friday morning for an awesome all day excurison on June 8th. We leave Dennison on Ohio Centrals F7s to Morgan Run Ohio for a shop tour, where they restore steam locomotives and repair there diesel fleet. After the tour they pull the F7's off and put on Ohio Central's ex-GT #6325 U-3-b 4-8-4 steam locomotive, for a run to Sugar Creek Ohio, on the way to Sugar Creek there is a steep grade up Baltic Hill, where the #6325 will really put the sounds and smoke. When we get to Sugar Creek Ohio Central's #1293 4-6-2 will be there running the regular daily 1 hour trips ( 2 working steamers at the same place YES). After a 3 hour stay in Sugar Creek we head back to Dennison. I'll get alot of pictures and all video I can to share. If you would like to see pictures of the locomotives now, you can head over to there website, www.ohiocentral.com Happy Rails Patrick