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Thread: TSM vs. 3d canvas

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    Default TSM vs. 3d canvas

    I want to get 1 of them to make the M-1 and M-2. I know that 3Dcanvas will make the .eng or wag file but will it make hte .sd file? and will TSM make a .eng or .wag file? I think I will get 3d canvas because it is cheaper and will do more. I don't think TSM can animate pantograph.


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    p.s my train giff the the M-2.

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    Default RE: TSM vs. 3d canvas

    ok, TSM :

    - create eng/wag files
    - create sd files
    - create cvf/sms files

    - animate rods/pantographs
    - allows each polygon/part/point to handle (texturing/delete/move/etc.)
    - allows to divide parts and join them again WITHOUT seeing a seam where the cut was...

    all for now...
    there's even more


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    Default RE: TSM vs. 3d canvas

    Has anyone found a way to make distance levels (LOD) using TSM?

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    Default RE: TSM vs. 3d canvas

    [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON Jun-17-02 AT 00:01AM (EDT)[/font][p]Yes! It has been covered a couple times, but here is one in particular that I remember:

    Good luck!


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    Default RE: TSM vs. 3d canvas

    Thanks, I'll try it.

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