Hi all,

This past week the Ministry of Transportation in Mexico approved a new rail connection from Ensenada in Baja California to Tecate in Baja California. This is a distance of about 65 miles. The purpose is to enable products to be shipped across the border into the U.S. Obviously this connection will utilize surviving parts of the Tijuana-Tecate Railroad in Mexico and the San Diego and Arizona Eastern Railroad in California. This action on the part of the Mexican government verifies some of the information obtained from the San Diego Railroad Museum about the possible start up of freight activity again from the border at Campo, CA to El Centro, Ca where main line connections exist. Their estimate was it could start in 2003. I have seen the evidence of repairs to the route on the U.S. side already. Anyway the good news for railroad fans is that this route goes through the spectacular Carriso Gorge with its fantastic grades, curves, tunnels, curved trestles and then dives to below sea level in the Imperial Valley of California.