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    Default tsunpack utility

    I downloaded a zip file for the Cutbank Local Grain Switching activity. The Readme file stated that the file sould be palced in the Util folder then dragged over the tsunpack icon. When I did this, i got an error message which stated "unable to unpack"

    Has this happened to other? Any suggestions?

    BTW, I'm really impressed with the skins and routes on this site. Many, many thnks to those providing this to theose of us who couldn't do this ourselves

    Wally Weart
    [email protected]

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    Default RE: tsunpack utility

    >I downloaded a zip file for
    >the Cutbank Local Grain Switching
    >activity. The Readme file stated
    >that the file sould be
    >palced in the Util folder
    >then dragged over the tsunpack
    >icon. When I did this,
    >i got an error message
    >which stated "unable to unpack"
    >Has this happened to other? Any
    >BTW, I'm really impressed with the
    >skins and routes on this
    >site. Many, many thnks to
    >those providing this to theose
    >of us who couldn't do
    >this ourselves
    >Wally Weart
    >[email protected]

    YES thisis a common problem with tsunpack there is a fix in the file library jus do a search for tsunpack and run the utility it will fix the problem permantly at least it did for me

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