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    I am using a program called Grab Clip Save, when pressing Print Screen & Alt,& I freeze the picture then I usually R-click and send the picture to a file for viewing or to be sent to the mail,
    I can't right click as nothing comes up to save & send the picture to a file, could somone help me .

    Thank You Mr. M. Holt

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    G'day Mr M Holt,

    I'm not conversant with your little screen grab program, but WHY USE IT AT ALL.
    With any PC at anytime you want to, you can press the Print Screen key and that saves the screen shot to a Clipboard. (Only one screenshot can be held on the clipboard at any one time)

    Go to your favourite Graphics program, example Paint, I use Paint Shop Pro 7 and click:- PASTE, and WALLA!... your screen shot will appear, (it's that easy) you can now fiddle with the screen shot, and or, save it in whatever format you want, BMP, JPG, etc. Too easy.

    IN MSTS, when you press Print Screen key besides saving the screenshot to the clipboard, MSTS also saves an example scrgrb0.pcx file to your Train Simulator Folder, look for the xxxxxx?.PCX files.
    All you have to do is go to the Train Simulator folder, look through the files in there till you see file(s) ending in .PCX and click, or double click (whatever you normally use) it and the .PCX file(s) are usually assigned to your graphics program. OR, start your graphics program and go find the .PCX file(s) in the Traim Simulator folder and click on it from there.

    Hope this helps.

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