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Thread: Here is somthing for Dyre Ave. line

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    Default Here is somthing for Dyre Ave. line

    This is it- It is R142 v0.5 I made it in TSM.
    [Link Expired]

    [Link Expired]

    [Link Expired]
    umm... I can explain the people! :) Still a lot to be done. The bogies the textures details and the top curve needs to be done and I need to know how high the center is and the side is. I hope it is done by the end of july with the R29 Redbird.

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    I don't have specific info for the 142, but if it's like the rest of the IRT cars, it's 11'-10" from railhead to the very top, about 10' to the edge of the roof at the side and 8'-9" wide. Floor of the car is 3'-9" off the railhead and the bottom of the side sills is 3' off the rail. Hope that helps, interesting passengers by the way :)


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