I found these deeply embedded in my ese folder.

Throw the reverser all the way forward when you stop. When you get the "All Aboard" turn on the sander and open the throttle to about 10%. Set the brake valve to a release setting of about 25% or more and as the air pressure builds toward 110 psi the train will start. Let it build speed and open the throttle more and more. As you reach 20 mph start to pull the reverser back. When you reach about 30 to 35 mph you can pull the reverser back to around 10% forward. This allows you to use less steam and run the engine more efficiantly. Work the throttle to try and keep your speed about 5 mph below track speed. If you know the route well you can run 1 mph below track speed and start your brake applications early to catch the downhill parts. If you reach 100%throttle and are still losing speed on a hill, open the sander and start to push the reverser forward until you can hold speed or accelerate. As you near the top pull it back and then start to back off the throttle again. You must watch your speed through the switches as well. I would slow to 30 - 35 mph for any switches and hold that speed until your train clears.

If you want these simply copy them and past them into word etc.