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Thread: Images ???

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    Default Images ???

    I keep getting the following error after I click the Upload File button. Anyone have a clue?


    There was an error in processing your request.
    Following is the error message:
    System Message:

    Please notify the administrator of this site.
    Thank you.

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    Default RE: Images ???

    Me too iv'e been trying for the past 3 hours and thats all I get.

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    Default RE: Images ???

    G'day mike,

    I just did a test run with inserted picture.
    [Link Expired]
    This did not work this morning 9am Friday 28th June Aussie time, now 7pm but looks okay now.

    You probably know this, but also for other's sake:
    I clicked:- Click here to upgrade your file
    The Upload box appears.
    Browsed to my jpg file to upload.
    Uploaded my file from Hard drive and a numbered 3d1c279114d4b303.jpg file appeared in my Attachment: box.

    Myself I prefer to insert picture where I require it, if you leave the file in the Attachment box it will appear at bottom of post.

    I Cut and Pasted the 3d1c279114d4b303.jpg file into my post and then added >[Link Expired]<(without arrows) till it looked like this >[Link Expired]3d1c279114d4b303.jpg<(again without arrows) and clicked:- Preview to see if it was correct. If okay, click:- Post Message.

    [font color="green"]
    One thing I'm finding VERY disappointing, is [/font][font color="red"]no more email notification, [/font][font color="green"]well not at present.
    I answered a couple of posts this morning and did not keep record of those posts, now I have to go look for them. This could be a real pain in more ways than one after being so well looked after (spoilt) with the now older version. [/font]

    I suppose we will find an easier way after a bit of time. :'(
    If there is an email notification, please let me know where you click it on. Thanks.

    [Link Expired]

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