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Thread: I would like to find out how many people have model railways (railroads) and MSTS, and if you think MSTS is better. Before you vote for 3, read 5.

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    tulloch Guest

    Default I would like to find out how many people have model railways (railroads) and MSTS, and if you think MSTS is better. Before you vote for 3, read 5.

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    tulloch Guest

    Default This Poll

    Hi folks,

    Thanks to everyone who has voted, and those who are going to vote.

    This poll I find, has found that MSTS is not better then the Model RR, even with MSTS being heaps cheaper.

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    Sacramento, Ca.

    Default RE: This Poll

    Technicaly I do not have a model railroad because it is in my storage unit, with the exception of my brass which sits on my bookshelves. However I am finding that MSTS is just as expensive as my HO scale. There is a fair amount of research involved with model rr'ing, but because there are different details with MSTS I find the research to be more time consuming.
    Our group, The Sacramento Locomotive Works, is in the process of building the Shasta Daylight route from Oakland California to Portland Oregon. If we wanted we could be releasing it in the next few weeks, but we decided to make it as real as possible. We are talking to old Espee engineers, brakemen, conductors, firemen, switchmen and historians. We go to the museum on our saturdays spending 4 or 5 hours there. We have bought books, bought track profiles and SP employee timetables.
    Well anyway did not mean to get off on another tangent, but I would have to say that this MSTS "Hobby" is just as expensive as HO scale model railroading.

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    Erik Pierson
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    I_totally_love_trains Guest

    Default RE: This Poll

    I tore my model railroad apart and I'm making another one for my graduation project for high school but I don't have MSTS because it won't work on my three year old PC but I've heard A LOT about MSTS and it sounds great!


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    Default RE: This Poll

    I am making my O scale one very realistic. I am landscaping know and I need to get some plastic cloth. Mine is a winter comunity. I will also add a metro city. Oh and I call it the Winter Mountain Railroad. I have a Alco FA with a B unit (Lionel), 2-4-0 (Lionel), and a 0-2-0 (lionel). I have 1 Amtrak coach (lionel), 1 Amtrak observation car (lionel) and 1 Santa Fe coach 9lionel). And 5 rolling stock. Yeah I love Lionel. If anyone else wants to trafe and buy model railroad items e-mail me at [email protected]

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    Default Test track?

    Yea, I have a model railroad, if you cont the 7 foot test track spiked to my workbench. Its got a trunout if that helps. :-)

    Building a full model railraod, even a small one, quickly become prohibtive for me, both in terms of space and money. Brass narrow gauge equipemt just aint cheep.

    Now a decent modeling package and MSTS on the other hand....There's a deal. Hell its still cheeper even if you by both TSM and 3D Canvas Pro.

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    Default RE: Test track?

    I once had a model railroad when I was a kid. It was not really elaborate or highly detailed, but still it gave me countless hours of enjoyment. Sadly, I had to dismantle it when we renovated out house several years ago, and never got to actually making anything of it :-( .

    Oh well, one day again, perhaps...

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    Transcon Guest

    Default RE: Test track?

    I'm 14 years old and my dad and I plan to build a model railroad in a shed behind our house. We already have several thousand dollars in railroad equipment. Especially in M.T.H. products.

    Some of the engines we have...

    MTH Railking Big Boy (w/protosounds 1) (Made back in 1998)

    K-LINE #4999 Southern Pacific 'Daylight' (Beautiful engine, it outdoes the MTH and Lionel versions and has awesome sounds)

    K-LINE #2401 Union Pacifc GP-38 (good looking engine, and very powerful, only downside is that I broke off the horn on a sharp curve and the sounds aren't that great)

    MTH Railking #831 New Jersey Central 'Blue Comet' (w/LocoSounds)

    I could go on and on with the engines we have but I can only type so much at a time...

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    tulloch Guest

    Default RE: Test track?


    Sounds like you could have fun. My model railways products total about $500, when you start buying stuff that costs like $50 Australian, and these are just brake vans!

    Anyway, when you do start 'playing trains' I hope that you enjoy yourself. I have a little 3x6 model that is just a loop designed for a 4x8!!! But have a Athearn F7 in Southern Pacific Daylight scheme, this is really good! I have a LIMA 422 class loco (I don't think America had much like it, if you know if they did I would like to know about it). I have a few other engines, all except the F7 are in a dismantled state :( I have freight wagons totalling about TWICE what my engines are worth!

    When I get some money I'm getting a bigger board. I'll use MSTS to test out some possible track layouts, WHAT A GREAT WORLD WE LIVE IN!!!

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    georgi55 Guest

    Default RE: Test track?

    Why there is no "I have model railroad but prefer Trainz" choice... :P ;)

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