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    My parents and I just arrived back from a road trip to the Northeast... here's all the places I went to...

    - Chicago -
    Sears Tower
    Meigs Field

    Royal Candian Air Forece Museum, Kitchener, Ontario (pretty cool)

    Niagara Falls (cool too)

    - New York City -
    Statue of Liberty
    Ellis Island
    Empire State Building

    Baltimore & Ohio Railroad Museum, Baltimore, Maryland (very cool)

    Washington D.C.

    - Strasbourg, Pennsylvania -
    Pennsylvania Railroad Museum (a must see!)

    Strasbourg Railroad (a must see also (directly across the street from the museum))

    Choo-Choo Barn (a small O-gauge layout but with a lot of animation. A must see for model railroaders!)

    National Toy Train Museum (another must see for model railroaders! it has old toy trains dated back to the 1850s! and all sorts of scales and operating trains)

    Chesepeake Bay Bridge and Tunnel (A 17 mile bridge-tunnel that spans Chesepeake Bay. Very cool to drive across)

    Williamsburg, Virginia

    Thomas Jefferson's Monticello

    Mammonth National Park (largest cave in the world (365 miles long))

    And that concludes all the places I've been too. It took 3 weeks and 2 days and covered almost 5,000 miles!

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    sounds like a fantastic trip , hope you post some pics :-)
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    That's impossible, I don't have a digital camera or a scanner. (My dad thinks there're too expensive!)

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