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Thread: Gate Car Fan Trip 7/25/2004: Summary and Photos

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    Default Gate Car Fan Trip 7/25/2004: Summary and Photos

    The March of Dimes trip on July 25 marked the end of a successful series of 4 test fan trips using the Brooklyn Union Elevated cars. These cars were built in 1903, 1904, and 1907 and were built for the Brooklyn Union Elevated Railroad, part of the huge Brooklyn Rapid Transit System. It was cars like these that were involved in the tragic crash under Malbone Street on November 1, 1918, a crash which would send the BRT into recievership. Because of that, new codes have been instituted prohibiting wooden cars from operating in revenue subway service. Because of this, the museum "Arnine" train was once again called into action. No two cars in this train are alike, and all are known for one reason or another. This train includes R1 #100: the first car delivered to the Independent Subway, or IND. These are all steel subway cars, so they are used until the train reaches an elevated section, at which point, passengers are moved to the BU cars. The BU cars are also known as gate cars because of the gates on the front and rear porch of each car. These gates performed the same function that doors do today.

    R4 484, R7A 1575, R4 401, R1 100, BU 1407, BU 1273, BU 1404

    The following uses some subway terminology. If you do not understand me, send me a PM and I'll explain it as well as I can.

    Route of the train:
    Combined train arrives at 59th Street Columbus Circle on A3 Track
    Departs switching onto B3 track down 6th Avenue and over the Manhattan Bridge
    B3 Track becomes A3 track on the bridge
    Continued on A3 Track to Church Street
    R9 cars separate from BU cars and proceed to Ocean Parkway with BU cars following a few minutes behind
    Train combines at Ocean Parkway
    Arrives at Stillwell Terminal on 3 track
    Departs for CI Yard
    90 Minute Lunch Break
    Train arrives on 6 track at Stillwell Terminal
    Departs continuing on B2 track
    Switches to B3-4 track at Avenue X
    Train separates at Kings Highway
    BU Cars run on B3-4 track alongside R9 cars on B2 track to 18th Avenue
    R9 cars relay at Church Avenue and return on B1 track
    Parallel run back to Kings Highway followed by two more round trips of the BU cars to 18 Av
    Train combines at Kings Highway
    Train proceeds to CIY Loop through to E2 track
    E2 track becomes F4 track at 59 St
    Continues up 4th Avenue Brooklyn
    F4 track becomes A4 track before bridge
    A4 track becomes B4 track on bridge
    Continues up on B4 track
    Switches onto A4 track at Columbus Circle
    End of trip

    And finally we get to the good part: THE PHOTOGRAPHS!!!!!
    All photos are cropped

    [Link Expired]
    The biggest surprise of the trip came when the Arnines paced the gate cars from Kings Highway to 18th Avenue and back. This was taken from the south end of Bay Parkway on the return trip. Notice the Empire State Building in the background.

    [Link Expired]
    I almost missed this shot. I was sitting down, someone said that the train was here, and by the time I got to my feet, the train was almost in the station. This is at Avenue P running southbound.

    [Link Expired]
    On this day, the G was extended from Smith/9th Streets to Coney Island. The gate cars and the G never ran side-by-side before this day, even when the gate cars had been rebuilt into Q-types.

    [Link Expired]
    Notice the redbirds at the front of this garbage train. Their destination signs indicate a 7 rush hour express. The rear car is an R127.

    [Link Expired]
    A set of 10 R32 "Brightliners" has returned to the Q train after a very long absence. The cars are seen between Stillwell Terminal and West 8th Street.

    [Link Expired]
    D and Q trains sit at Stillwell Terminal waiting for their next runs back to Manhattan.

    That's all for now, I'll post some more later.

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    Default RE: Gate Car Fan Trip 7/25/2004: Summary and Photos

    Compliments on the nice photos...thanks for sharing them.

    I do have a were they able to mate the R-1/9's with the BU they have the same couplers? I can't tell from the photos.

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    Default RE: Gate Car Fan Trip 7/25/2004: Summary and Photos

    Yes, all revenue subway cars have the same couplers. The standard knuckle coupler is used on most work train equipment.

    Nice photos, John. I wish I was there. :(

    EDIT: Is it possible for those Redbirds in work service to retain their original paint? I have no objection to the yellow and black stripes - OK, maybe I do. ;)

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