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Thread: FX5900XT Video Card

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    Default FX5900XT Video Card

    Recently installed an Fx5900xt video card on a computer with the following specs:

    Processer P4 2.65 ghz

    Motherboard- Gigabyte 8S661 fxm

    Memory - 768 ram

    Power Pak 500 watt

    Cooling - 1 rear case fan, 1 front case fan, powerpak 2fans.

    The video card performed poorly with vertical lines traversing the screen. All indications of a faulty card. All drivers AGP, nVidia, and bios were updated prior to installing card.

    Card was returned to vendor who tested same on an Intel m/b, and card performed satisfactorily. Any one any ideas or suggestions as to why FX5900Xt would not perform on the Gigabyte card or could the problem be elsewhere. Don't want to buy another motherboard if not solution.

    Also contacted Gigabyte over a week ago. No reply forthcomong.


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    Default RE: FX5900XT Video Card

    Is your DirectX up to date? (run DxDiag to see)
    Do you have the latest video drivers installed? (You may need to install these drivers after the video card is installed)
    Did you run the TrainSim Profilier?
    Do you insure that a minimum number of tasks are running while you run the Sim?

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    Default RE: FX5900XT Video Card

    To me i think you Vcard is no good i looked at that card didn't
    like the specs on it, you have enough RAM and computing power
    your motherborad? i would have bought a ASUS which i have i THINK your card is the problem. I'am running

    Asus Xseries motherboard
    ATI 9600XT 128MB
    512 DDR
    40HD Just for the game it's self and addons
    350 power
    2 fans

    and getting 20 to 30 FPS with sliders to the max?

    Blind Bay B.C.

    Hope this helps you out OH and i'am running 22 things in back ground to.

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    Default RE: FX5900XT Video Card

    Thanks for your reply. Direct x is up to date. I first installed the card with 63.series drivers and when the problem occurred removed them and installed the 56.72 drivers which had proven reliable.

    I did not run TrainSim profiler as I did not think the problem was related to Train-sim as it also happens with Wheels across America, Sail 6.8, Trainz TRS 2004.

    Also ran End It All to minimise tasks running

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    Default RE: FX5900XT Video Card

    Did you hook up the vid card to the power connector? It does require that additional power hookup, if memory serves.

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    Default RE: FX5900XT Video Card

    Yes it was hooked up. This card is a power user. That is why I have A 500 wat powerpak.


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