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Thread: cylindrical hoppers in Canada?

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    Default cylindrical hoppers in Canada?

    Ok this might seem like a really stupid and silly question to those who live in the north american continent but its a little puzzling for someone who doesnt live there.

    Here in the f/l and on i've noticed that there is a type of cylindrical hoppers thats seem to be used widely only in Canada and not in the US. Is this because of different railroad equipment manufacturers who supply to US and Canadian railroads??? Are there any advantages/disadvantages of having the cylindrical hoppers over the the other types?

    Thanks in advance for all the help


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    Default RE: cylindrical hoppers in Canada?

    The design has been used on Canadian railways, as well as a few US railroads for something like 40 years. It has been a good design that has worked well over time so hasn't changed very much for that reason. In the beginning there were "teething" problems with excessive oscillation at speeds between 15 and 25 mph, even to the point of causing derailments. There was a special instruction in timetables to avoid speeds in that range as much as possible when handling that type of car. That was fixed by a slight change in design later.

    Ernie :)

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