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    Well ain't that cool! :D And it's got it's own track map.

    Nice shots.

    -BeaverMon, AKA Ben-

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    Default Live Steam!!!!

    Here are some pictures from my home club in Maury County Park Tn.(Columbia TN)...
    Pic 1- Me on the point with PVL 45 and Larry on his 4-4-0.When this shot was taken we were doing a warm up run before we started hauling passengers.This was taken on the frieght bypass before conners station.
    Pic-2 Me on PVL 231.Its an sw7 with a slug.This picture was taken on the grade leading up to Rockledge.Its between 2 and 4.5% in the steepest places.This is where all the real railroading takes place!!!
    Pic-3 Me on PVL 45 throwing the switch to go into conners station.
    Pic-4 My friend Otis on his CSX F-7 units.The are both powered and can really pull a load.This shot was taken in front of the steam yard/steaming bays.If you look you can see my steam engine simmering in the back ground.
    Pic-5 This pic was taken outside of gaddes yard.This is Dave on his Dash unit he recently aquired...Its a very nice engine....
    Pic-6 This is one of my favorite engines.This is Jimmy on his dash unit coming up the 3 1/2% grade at the gauntlet.This is also a pretty good challenge while operating your locomotive.
    Pic-7 This is a diagram of our layout here at the Mid South Live Steamers.We have roughly 2 miles of mainline track.

    Feedback is welcome

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