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    Every time I start to download a file in seems to start out OK then about 400kb to 500kb into the download it stops and waits several minutes then starts up and stops again. This get extremely frustrating when your trying to download a 40 meg file. Needless to say it can take hours. This seems to have started about the time a got a first class membership too. Which was about a month ago.
    Am I the only one with this problem and if so is there any way to solve it.

    Tim Swearingen

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    I have experienced it recently downloading some huge files from the files section and have opted on my CABLE connection to only do one at a time and if it stalls out then start another one of the same file (your allowed 2 at a time) and then cancel the first and it seems to go better on the second -- not sure what is causing the sluggish behaviour.. I didn't report it to Nels -- I was grabbing the new GM&O files -- the ZIP file was down in a flash but the Z extensions were really slow -- I had one that went all the way to 99% download and refused to budge beyond that with the END OF FILE MARKER and I had to start over..


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    I download multiple files at the same time on my DSL connection and every one of them gets maxed out at 20kb/sec. I do other stuff while it's downloading though. Ipersonally don't care as long as it's being downloaded. On large files though if it gets to 99%, it'll start moving the file from the temp download to whatever you specify. That could be he hold-up.

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