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Thread: Southern's Asheville Special

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    Default Southern's Asheville Special

    Anyone got any idea what the consist of the Asheville Special was when Graham Claytor was running the show? My one resource indicates that it consisted of a coach and a dome coach in 1974, Asheville-Salisbury.

    I may not actually have a dome coach (and would have to plead for someone to produce one lettered for SOU) but would still appreciate any information that I got. Thanks in advance.

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    Default RE: Southern's Asheville Special

    As late as 1971, that and possibly other secondary passenger trains on the Southern also had a class of heavyweights that were completely rebuilt with arch rooves and welded sides. The interior layout was essentially a knock-off of the streamlined coaches that were running on the primary services such as the Southerner.

    I have no idea what happened to these heavyweights, except that they disappeared shortly thereafter. AFAIK they were the last of their kind running in the country, with the possible exception of LIRR's Parlor Car East services, which were re-equipped with streamlined sleeping cars around the same time. They would make very interesting models. -Phil

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