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Thread: Hey, Canadian Railfans!

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    Default RE: Hey, Canadian Railfans!

    >1. Which line is the majority carrier for Nova Scotia and/or
    >Atlantic Canada?

    CN is the only Class 1 railroad that operates in Atlantic Canada.

    In Nova Scotia, you have a few shortlines, the Cape Breton and Central Nova Scotia Railroad, the Windsor and Hantsport RR, and there is at least one terminal RR in the Sydney area.

    There are no RR's in PEI anymore.

    In New Brunswick, you have the New Brunswick East Coast and the New Brunswick Southern shortlines.

    If you want to learn more about railroading in Atlantic Canada, I'd recommend joining the yahoo group below and checking out the links below. Some of the pages have great scenic pictures of railroads in Atlantic Canada, that should be enough to sell you!! :-)

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    Default RE: Hey, Canadian Railfans!

    >I would recommend MLT's KHP routes, but I am also building
    >up a fleet of BC Rail locos and cars and run them
    >temporarily on the PRRR Hoodoo Pass Route. I am currently
    >repainting C425 and C630 locos for BC Rail.


    Excellent choice with the PRRR route. That and MLT's LS&I route have a great BC Rail feel to them.

    You wouldn't happen to be repainting these units would you :7

    [Link Expired]

    [Link Expired]

    Andrew Pickell

    [|BC Rail Squamish Subdivision for MSTS]

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    Default RE: Hey, Canadian Railfans!

    Eric in UK writes:
    At the end of the day, the choice(s) are down to you, but hopefully the responses on this thread will help.

    I reply:
    The responses on this thread have helped, and have spurred me to making my decision. Luckily, this is electronic railroading and doesn't cost me a dime, since I wound up choosing both CNR and CPR to take an interest in.

    CNR seems to be Canada's Conrail of a sort, according to a book I was browsing last night/this morning. That's a good thing; the only thing I didn't like about Conrail was that it vanquished my favorite non-Norfolk railroad. (Alas Philadelphia!) Likewise, I'm told that CNR's really fond of DC motive power at the moment, which is music to my ears. They also had/have the good sense to use black and white in their livery, the wisdom of which can't be appreciated enough. Combine all that with service to the Maritimes etc., and I've got enough reason to take an interest.

    CPR, having at one time owned an airline and a steamship line, also seems worthy of note. That, plus the two iterations of the Canadian and the fact that they're the majority carrier for my favorite non-Nova Scotia province works to recommend them.* Additionally, they've signed some sort of understanding with NSR to improve service in the Northeast, so they know how to do business with my favorite modern railway. :D

    So, after digging through deeply-buried folders and a backup CD, I managed to find quite a fleet of CNR/CPR motive power ready for deployment. After about two or three hours of work, I've put together a small roster, along with plans to snag a few more things. However, I'm rather ignorant of the roster policies of our merger targets to the North, and I'll need you Canadian railfans again, for two reasons.**

    First is to help me figure out what to call all of these locomotives. I have a sneaking sense (along with CNR lettering) that tells me that builders' names aren't always the ones applied. Since a Dash Nine to me is a 'D9-40CW', I need help, for those and other locomotives.

    Secondly, I'll need suggestions as to the employment of these locomotives. In other words, consist suggestions! Without further adieu, the current list of locomotives:

    British Columbia Railway

    Canadian National Railway
    MLW 424/636

    Canadian Pacific Railway
    MLW 630/636
    FM "H-Liner"
    CFA 16-4/CFB 16-4

    There you have it! There are other locomotives left to download, but I figured I'd stop, since this is already a large request. In closing, I'd like to thank all those folks who posted and helped me figure this out; I do thank you but my hard drive (and my MSTS installation) probably don't. If the personal economy improves in the next little bit, I'll have to pick up a copy of KHP2 and promptly wreck my trains in the Great White North as well as here in the Lower 48.

    * There's oil in that province; you Canadians had best watch yourselves before we declare Ralph Klein to be the next oil-enriched despot who seeks weapons of mass destruction. :P

    ** This information may readily be available on the Internet, but in the hopes of centralizing (and accurizing) this stuff, I'd kind of like to see it posted here. Besides, some other US railfan may need this information some day.

    *** In other words, CNR 6700, 6703, 6800, 9328, and 9428. Since I'm not even really sure what FM called the things, I could use some help.

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    Hi Eric
    Please forgive me Im brand new to this forum and only recently dl trainsim 2019. I am from New Brunswick in CAnada and am interested in the grey maroon colours scheme in the S2 and GP7 and 0 loco's. I cant seem to fathom how or where to download them. I also dont see how to start a new topic so a reply is my only option. thanks in advance

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    This thread is specific to the old Microsoft Train Simulator, not TS2019. Your question is better asked in the Railworks forum which deals with all of the later Kuju trainsims.
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