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    I recently purchased thru the 4 set German Railroad addon's and I will say they are a really great buy. They come complete with manuals and track plans and explanation of the signals. The first 2 are in English and the last 2 are in German but if you don't mind spending about $30 a pop they are well worth it and have loads of activities. Even if you don't speak German the activities and running are easy to figure out. Anyone elso out there have them?

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    Tim I have just been to the site and have tried everything I know to get an order of German Railroads 4, but I get nowhere: all that shows is ProTrain 6 nothing more. Can you help?

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    German Railroads Vol 4 is outstanding. Scenery is superb. Trains are really cool. I especially like the camera view key 5 for the steam engines. It gives you the heads out view from the other side of the cab. The scenery objects are top notch. I am an American railfan and usually do not go for foriegn stuff, but find myself drivig the route often. Although I haven't seen the other offerings from the company,
    I would have to say the quality is higher than the Pro Train series of which I have a few. I wouldn't know were to purchase GR Vol4. Someone I know working in Europe sent me the sotware.

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    While this isn't German persay, I do have Simtrain's Glacier Express, and is one of my top three favorite add-ons. There's a great revew of it at .

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