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Thread: Creating Activities Error Message Question?

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    Default Creating Activities Error Message Question?

    Can anyone help shed some light on this problem:

    I enjoy creating new activities, using both default and downloaded rolling stock that I've used many times before.
    However, I always seem to get error messages when I try to play that new activity.
    Files seem to disappear....that is, I'll get a message while loading the new activity that tells me a certain file cannot be found. (like a sound file, or a shape file....usually, a file within the main folder of a particular piece of rolling stock)
    Or, I'll get a message that a certain car "cannot be loaded into this world".

    Then, MSTS crashes.

    I'm dumbfounded. I'm using a brand new computer that I purposely loaded with the fastest multi thread processor and tons of memory.

    Do I need to periodically re-install MSTS?
    Or re-install a downloaded piece of rolling stock?
    Or am I doing something wrong when creating the activity?

    Ideas, anyone?

    Any assistance will be greatly appreciated, and to all those who are creating all these great downloads, thanks, and keep up the great work!


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    Default RE: Creating Activities Error Message Question?

    I'm no activity expert, but I have had the "failed to load shape into world" error, and 99% of the time I've put a cut of cars on a siding or spur without knowing that the back end was hanging off the tracks (ergo, causing the error) or possibly an AI train's start point was too far back to allow the entire train to load.

    In those situations, I've gone into the editor and started removing traffic, loose consists, etc one at a time...saving, trying the activity, and so on. Eventually you'll find the problem.

    The editors are weird, and the game code itself is bizarre. Activity creation is almost enough to drive a person mad, especially if your timed meets don't meet "on time". But it can be done, just have patience.

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    Default RE: Creating Activities Error Message Question?

    Thanks for your quick response, Blake, even though I placed the post in the wrong forum.

    I checked the activity again, and you were right....I inadvertently left a static consist hanging off the edge of a siding.

    I'm still getting other error messages, and still trying to sort them out.

    Is there a "organized" proper way to create activities? This could be the problem as I find myself setting them up in no partcular sequence. Obviously, I set up the player consist and path first, but traffic and static consists I create as the ideas hit me.

    Ideas, anybody?


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