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    As of today, a new company founded by me, the Virtual Morgan Run Shop, will produce Ohio Central addons for MSTS. There are three divisions: The Coshocton(OH) Division, The Youngstown(OH) Division, and The Pittsburgh(PA) Division. The Coshocton Division will produce OHCR Southern Lines equipment, Youngstown Division with the Northern Lines and Pittsburgh Division with the Pittsburgh Lines.

    The Northern Lines include:

    Mahoning Valley Railway Company (MVRY)
    Ohio and Pennsylvania Railroad Corporation (OHPA)
    Warren and Trumbull Railroad Company (WTRM)
    Youngstown and Austintown Railroad Inc. (YARR)
    The Youngstown Belt Railroad Company (YBRR)

    The Southern Lines include:

    The Columbus and Ohio River Rail Road Company (CUOH)
    Ohio Central Railroad, Inc. (OHCR)
    Ohio Southern Railroad, Inc. (OSRR)

    The Pittsburgh Lines include

    The Pittsburgh and Ohio Central Railroad (POHC)
    Aliquippa and Ohio River Railroad (AOR)

    To apply with any divisions, email me at [email protected]

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    It's super to see youth energized and creative about a great hobby like trains instead of the many negative things available to them!

    I wish you the very best!

    Andre Ming

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