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Thread: On Board Fueling System.

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    Default On Board Fueling System.

    G'day all. This evening I saw an interstate freight train with 2 locos + Fuel tank + 1 loco then about 70 odd cars. The system is the "On Board Fueling System" where the locomotives can get fuel from the tanker car during the trip. Obviously there must be some sort of piping system in between all the locos and perhaps some sort of flow regulator.

    My question is are there specific locos which had to be fitted with OBFS devices...or can any locomotives be quickly adapted to the system? I have seen in Trains magazine BN locos with 3 SD40-2's + fuel tank + 2 SD40-2's on a Powder River coal train...pre-Big MAC invasion.

    Now, I am going to guess this system isnt really needed much in the USA because of the relativly close proximity of cities and yards over there. But here in Australia, Freight Australia trains have to run from Melbourne to Perth as quick as possible. FA thought they might be clever and develop some sort of OBFS. The Perth to Melbourne trip is about the same distance as a LA to NY run. The OBFS eliminates refueling at Adelaide (on the South Coast, in the middle of Australia) and Cook (South coast...inland about 200miles).

    I know I went on a bit too much on this post...but I find it a very interesting system indeed! It would be great to read what ya'll have to say about it!

    Thanks! :D

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    Default RE: On Board Fueling System.

    This link might help you with some of that info.
    It is about Fuel tenders used in the Sheridan, Wyonming area.
    Burlington Northern Fuel Tenders
    By Paul Birkholz with Al Krug

    It has some up close shots of connectors etc.

    Doug in Canada

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