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Thread: LTV = Cliffs-Erie

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    Default LTV = Cliffs-Erie

    Any more info on the takeover of the old LTV route?,%20USA

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    As demand is now high for taconite pellets, it appeared worthwhile to clean up the remaining pellets, broken pellets, and fines from around the former LTV Erie site, and to ship them out from the Taconite Harbor dock. Work has been underway to put in running order some of the remaining locomotives and taconite cars.


    Here's a slightly edited version of the information posted by Doug Buell on the Yahoo Group: "Orerail"

    "This morning (9/11/2004) Weather Channel Iron Range forecast stated, "scattered showers for the morning becoming mostly by afternoon" and this is the way that the "Cliffs Erie, LLC 1st Cargo Train" got started.

    The 4210 followed by the 4224, 4223 and 4225 pulling 25 loaded pellet cars departed Knox Depot about 08:30. From this point on, everything got better and better with fewer and fewer clouds to block the sun and the engines performing very well.

    The crew ... held the train to 25 mph maximum on the trip to Taconite Harbor and 30 on the return. (Normal is 30 and 35.) They didn't want to push too hard (they never did get to 8th notch) as this is the first time the units have worked in over three years. The only problems so far are minor water leaks that will require water to be added before each trip. Dumping went without a hitch as did the return trip. No bells, no alarms. The first three units were "on-line" while the 4225 was along, idling to warm up and dryout the electricals.

    The next trip will be Monday probably ... with 50 cars. The schedule calls for a 50-60 car train each week-day. The next Missabe freight should be delivering the 4211 which will be on loan from the Lake Superior Railroad Museum (along with one reverser lever). It is hoped to operate these trains until Oct 15 after which they will be shutdown until next year. IF the Iron Market is still as tight as now, the shipments will resume until all of the pellets and iron concentrate are cleaned up from the former Erie Mining plantsite, at which time it is planned to put a broom in the final car."


    Elsewhere on the Minnesota iron range, several of the taconite plant sites have announced plans to bring idled production lines back into service, meaning additional construction and employment opportunities.

    There has been discussion about use by other plants of the Taconite Harbor dock because it is very efficient for loading pellets onto Lake Superior vessels. However this might mean diverting traffic from existing docks.

    It is remains unlikely that the Erie/LTV site would be restarted as a Taconite processing plant. There are proposals to use some of the location for a coal fired power plant, and or as a processing plant for other metals, including precious metals, that might be feasibly mined in the area.

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    Default RE: LTV = Cliffs-Erie

    Wow, sounds like it'd be a great opportunity to get some F-unit sound recordings...

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