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Thread: Ex Santa Fe D&H Alco Pa-4 17 and 19

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    Default Ex Santa Fe D&H Alco Pa-4 17 and 19

    Hi the last time a knew down in Mexico on the Mexican railway there were to Alco pa's in prefect working order with all there parts they were 17 and 19 they had no plans to run them again. But are they still all to gether and in running order or do they look like the 16 and 18 did before they were saved from the touch?

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    From what I understand, all four of the D&H Alco PA-4s exist.* Two of them remain in Mexican hands. Doyle McCormack, owner of GS-4 4449, rescued the other two, and brought them to the United States for preservation. One of the units he rescued is being restored by him as Nickel Plate 190. The other belongs to the Smithsonian Institution, I believe. It will be cosmetically restored at best.

    Visit for further information.

    * The Delaware & Hudson had the things shipped to Morrison-Knudsen at some point and had them extensively overhauled; I read somewhere that it was more accurate to call them "PA-4" instead of "PA-1".

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