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    Lets take a look back at a good ole railroad called the N&W

    These are just three jaw dropping scenes of the many that this guy has. Also he is a good source for SOU, CHESSIE, and WM.

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    The guy's name is Richard Clark who has shot videos and pictures of trains for about 30 years. He resides in the metro DC area, and I've been a customer since 1992. Much of the Chessie stuff was filmed around my area and places I go. Alot has changed.

    It's special video, because alot of people passed it off as too modern at the time. His work is something special, take a look at his webpage too and see the stills.-Jeffrey

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    Ahh, St. James is along the line I live next to, which is the NS Hagerstown District. That was back when only about 4 trains a day ran between Hagerstown and Shenandoah on the N&W, now it's 20-25 a day and rising.

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