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Thread: Railroad Collection-In Way Over My Head

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    Default Railroad Collection-In Way Over My Head

    Thought it might be neat reading to list the stuff in my collection of real railroad artifacts both for myself and others. I began collecting seriously about 5 years ago when I was 15. This is my "railroad junk" collection as it stands right now, not including railroad paperwork like timetables, track charts, orders, etc.

    I don't even want to know the collective cost of money and time I've sunk into these things, but I do know they've given great joy and much appreciation to those who maintain these parts---I basically self taught myself how to work on these with only occasional guidence sought after getting stuck---it happens.


    6972 -B&O GP30 with rubber gasket
    8128 -CSXT former Clinchfield SD40-2
    931 -Frisco SD45
    206 -SCL S12 switcher


    B&O CPL dwarf with green/yellow/red, no markers
    B&O CPL dwarf with green/yellow/red, bottom center marker
    B&O CPL mast signal with green/yellow/red, top, left and center markers, and bottom left and center markers (yes, complete with tall a$$ mast!!!)


    Leslie Supertyfon S-5T -Unknown origin, aluminum "dome" power chambers

    Leslie Supertyfon S-5T -C&O GP7 or RSD12, solid bronze "tab" power chambers

    Westinghouse B7 airhorn, think it's former B&M


    Conrail FRED
    WRRS mechanical crossing bell
    20805 Gyralite by Pyle National, with flange and visors, former Espee GP9 (Sweet!)
    Railroad lantern- Yet to have researched origin
    Type "E" knuckle -Door stop
    Safetran junction box cover from local crossing signal that got leveled last week in a grade crossing accident - not worth anything, just a keepsake.

    No more....

    Amtrak 775 numberboard- Gave it to father who wanted it for young son's bedroom

    Nathan Airchime P135R24 new cast on gullwing manifold -Traded it for one of the Leslie S-5Ts.

    All of this takes up alot of space. The numberboards and dwarf signals can be displayed indoors without much trouble. The horns kinda get in the way, same with the FRED---which has a decorative stand. The mast signal is outside with some larger peices indoors for restoration.

    And for those of you who say "gee, I wish I had one of those" and are frustrated they cannot seem to land some of these things I have this to say.

    By no means did I ever have any special contacts with railroads to get these things. Some of it came from railroadianna dealers while some things came from locomotive scrappers who will actually sell to the public. ARE of Roanoke Va was vey helpful when I got my Nathan P5 horn at 16 years of age.

    I lucked out with most of these things, as they are items I sought to get. The only things I bought without any previous thought were the FRED, and the SLSF numberboard.

    I always wanted CPLs, and I am nuts about Gyralites, esspeically those 20805 models. S-5Ts are my favorite types of horns and I have two variations.

    I worked alot of oddjobs to get the money for these things, and now I am professionally employed full time.... read, I work for a living now and so money is easy to come by. Whenver I want more money, I work more. It's that simnle.

    Even after you find something you're looking for, that's a third of the battle. Most of the time, the stuff requires work or modification to work in something other than a railroad environment.

    For instance, signals get power from battery cellers (and pass through relays along the way). For indoor use, they have to be configured to run off of standard outlets.

    In real life, they run off of 12 volts dc. For indoor use, you have to rectify the current to Ac and step the voltage town from 120 to 12 or below.

    Radioshack makes a nice little transformer that's user freindly... I use it for the dwarf signals.

    Anyways, I've put in countless hours of work, and at times, you have to walk away. That's what a hobby is... you can walk away from it then return when you're ready.

    If anyone has questions, feel free to ask.-Jeffrey

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    Default RE: Railroad Collection-In Way Over My Head

    I got over 2000 passenger and employee timetables,employee ones 1980's and back,some mid 1990's ones.All of my passenger ones pre-amtrak,1940-1965.

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    Default RE: Railroad Collection-In Way Over My Head

    Rock Island memorabilia.

    4710 - The 'kitbashed' GP40 - Numberboard

    4700 - Numberboard

    4585 - Numberboard

    Milepost 3 out of Owatonna Minnesota

    Silvis, Illinois Auto plant "THE ROCK" sign

    Manly, Iowa original Beaverpelt herald. (My mother painted the latest "THE ROCK" logo as well as R onto the existant depot and recieved the herald as a gift)

    Bell off of U25B

    Lots of other stuff...

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    Default RE: Railroad Collection-In Way Over My Head

    Gee.....I owned a caboose once!

    Still got a few old ETTs and Official Railway Guides.

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    Default RE: Railroad Collection-In Way Over My Head

    Guilford Rail System 1999 timetable.

    About all I got.

    Minus a few railroad spikes, a rubber spike plate, and a steel spike plate.

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    Default RE: Railroad Collection-In Way Over My Head

    This topic sounds interesting I think I will chime in. I have 2 RR Crossing signs one of which are hanging on my wall in the Dining Room. I have a Battery powered RR lantern, I have a couple of spikes from the old D&RGW Tennesee pass line. Also I have a massive N scale collection also. I think that about wraps that up.

    Dave Wilson
    Denver Area N scale Club member

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