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    Default BROKEN COUPLERS, etc.

    Came accross this whilst looking for other INFO. Has got a number of interesting items in it, frequently asked in this Forum. Such as how to deal with the "BROKEN COUPLERS" Syndrome, etc.

    Going back there to have another look. Also features details of the CONBUILDER

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    kevarc Guest

    Default RE: BROKEN COUPLERS, etc.

    [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON Jun-17-02 AT 03:43PM (EDT)[/font][p]Most of the things there are also in the FQ's here. The one thing I disagree with is his aliasing of cabview. The method there does not work on all engines, specifically the Dekosoft cab, for those who have purchased them. I have experimented quite a bit with cabview and found that doing them that way is hit or miss. It is much better to create an alias cvf file. You can still set up the cabview in the common cab like he recommends but a alias cvf file in the cabview folder works all the time. I have created one to alias the 3Dtrainstuffs SD70 and have recieved permission to upload it to Train-sim library along with all of the Cabview files. This will hold everybody over till next month when, hopefully, they release their new engines. I will be preparing the readme this evening and hopfully get it uploaded tonight.

    Kevin Arceneaux

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    Default RE: BROKEN COUPLERS, etc.

    Hallo there,

    Sorry Kevin, but I beg to disagree - I find nothing wrong with their method as it is very similar to the way I have now collected all cabviews (and sounds) in a common directory, aliasing it from all engines. I found that this not only saves space but also makes it easier to define a cab for a newly downloaded engine.
    I did, however, always place all elements of the cab in the cabview directory, so there is no double-aliasing (so to speak) whithin the .cvf-file. Also, just as a note, I did not use the double backslash but the normal slash between quotes.

    As to broken couplers : I had this problem on a few places in the Whitefish route (Whitefish to Sandpoint). No tuning of break-values helped in these spots, so I went into the route-editor and checked the tracks. I found that, at the spot where the break always occured, there was a piece of track with an elevation other than the normal 0.150 factor (these are the values when adjusting elevation with the mouse, i.e. 0.150, 0.300, 0.450 etc.). Apparantly, MSTS miscalculates the (miss-)alingment of tracks when there is an 'abnormal' elevation. I never checked, but I wonder if that is also the case near Cutbank. Any other thoughts on this?

    Kind regards,

    Rob Roeterdink

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    kevarc Guest

    Default RE: BROKEN COUPLERS, etc.

    I didn't say not to put the into a common directory. That using the alias line in the eng file is hit or miss. I found it much better to use a alias cvf file in the cabview folder in the individual engine. This only takes up maybe 60k of space verses the 2 or 3 megs for all of the cabview ace files and is much more reliable. I have tried it both ways and found that using an alias cvf file works much better.

    Kevin Arceneaux

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    Default RE: BROKEN COUPLERS, etc.

    It's not elevation that's the problem, it has to do with the track vectors. To prove my point, take an engine (I think the Dash-9 will show it best) and run thru an offending switch very slowly (1-5 mph). Watch the truck on the physical front of the engine very closely. As you go over the bad area, the truck will flip 180 degrees momentarily and then return to normal. Only the physical-front truck will do it.

    You need to watch very carefully because it happens quickly. If you can't see the truck flip, try using a different engine. Sometimes when the truck flips backwards it still looks the same due to symetry. Cars will do it to, but they're harder to see.

    Also of interest, if you take an engine thru backwards, the physical-front truck still flips, but it flips when the physical-rear truck is over the problem point.

    John Greenstone
    3DTrainstuff Route Developer

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    Default RE: BROKEN COUPLERS, etc.

    Thanks for the "promotion", Ottodad!

    Haven't posted here for a while - CyTrain and some others have given me little jobs to look at. Then, of course, one must leave time to do some actual driving!

    Thanks for your ideas, Kevin. Have come across some situations where putting the CVF into a Cabview folder would be easier (situations don't come to mind, but the SD70 may be one example). Been more focused on trying to keep the load on the Windows file system as low as possible to the extent of even avoiding Windows having to look at another sub-folder. That idea may not be worth following through in all CVF situations.

    Happy training...
    Bernie Halpin (aka webDotWiz)

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    Default RE: BROKEN COUPLERS, etc.

    [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON Jun-17-02 AT 10:27PM (EDT)[/font][p]

    Good observation, I hadn't seen that flippin' one ;-)

    I've found that disabling bounding boxes (by putting a '#'
    at the start of the bounding box line) of all track sections
    and all switches seems to have cured broken couplers for me.

    I've noticed one car that was prone to breaking couplers
    when viewed at very slow speed almost seemed to appear as if
    it was dragging somewhere. I wonder if one of its parameters
    is set so low that it snags on irregularities on the rail.

    Oh yeah, it also seems to have helped the 'rubber banding'
    at switches quite a bit.


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    kevarc Guest

    Default RE: BROKEN COUPLERS, etc.

    Do it your way. You try that with Dekosoft Cabviews and it will not work. I have aliased over 200 engines with my way and have not had any problems. Using Dekosoft cabs call for yet a different way than either of these.

    If you are having that many problems with file management with MSTS you have some underlying Windows problems that need to be addressed. Once you get over 600 folders in the trainset folder, not counting subfolders, a few more subfolders don't really matter.

    Kevin Arceneaux

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    Default RE: BROKEN COUPLERS, etc.

    >It's not elevation that's the problem,
    >it has to do with
    >the track vectors. To
    >prove my point, take an
    >engine (I think the Dash-9
    >will show it best) and
    >run thru an offending switch
    >very slowly (1-5 mph).
    >Watch the truck on the
    >physical front of the engine
    >very closely. As you
    >go over the bad area,
    >the truck will flip 180
    >degrees momentarily and then return
    >to normal. Only the
    >physical-front truck will do it.

    Thanks John - a most interesting observation. I know nothing about track vectors but would like to get in and try fixing these problems on some of my added routes, notably Marias Pass v3 (milepost 1152.2) and Northern Denmark.

    What does one have to do in the Route Editor to correct this track vector problem?

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    Default RE: BROKEN COUPLERS, etc.

    AHA ! AN EXPERT !!! :-)

    I have been trying to figure for ages how I can Insert Consists and loose Rolling Stock onto empty tracks in stations and sidings without disturbing the FREEDOM driving trains which EXPLORE ROUTE allows !

    MSTS "Itr_......" EXPLORE ROUTE Activities Files can be Edited but every consist I put into their MAIN PATH does not show, forinstance at Philadelhia on the Main Route of the NEC from Philadelphia to Washington! An article on your site would suggest that it works using other of the EXPLORE ROUTE Starting Points ? I WANT IT ALL ! :-)

    When I create a NEW Activity, no problem with that, but then I have to create a PATH and PUFF, FREEDOM of Movement disappears ! x(

    You know of a way to achieve this ? I would like to insert some loose Rolling Stock for Switching, changing the Active Player Consist to a single Loco and have some FUN making up trains ! Otherwise they would be there mainly to show in empty Sidings and Yards.

    The other question is: how can SIGNALS showing RED in Activies by Accident or by Design be prevented from STOPPING the Active Player Unit ? Is there a GLOBAL way to tell them to keep their noses out of my business ? To me Signals are just colourful additions to the Scenery. :-)

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