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Thread: FRAME RATES - Display Settings ( Desktop and MSTS)

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    Default FRAME RATES - Display Settings ( Desktop and MSTS)

    [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON Jun-18-02 AT 04:45PM (EDT)[/font][p]A comment by PolarBear in another thread prompted me to do a bit of testing. He says he is happy with Frame Rates using 1024 x 768 x 32 settings in MSTS. Doesn't say what his basic Desktop Display setting is, probably the same.

    My Hardware: Athlon XP 1900, 512 Mb DDR SDRAM, Hercules 3D-Prophet RADEON 8500 in an AGP 4x slot and fast IDE Cheetahs, MSTS co-habitating with FS2002 in their own Partition, frequently defragged.

    I never use anything higher than 800 x 600 Res on my 21" Misubishi Diamond Plus Monitor unless I am being forced to by programmes like the MSTS Editor. I am not going to ruin my eyes !

    Test Starting Point is HBS-Yard Track 1 in the Newark & New Jersey, a short straight followed by one of the tightest left-hand bends in the system.
    Result [b/]A[/b] - at the start, ready to go.
     -"-   [b/]B[/b] - starting to roll into the straight.
     -"-   [b/]C[/b] - at the end of the straight just before the bend.
     -"-   [b/]D[/b] - half-way in the bend.
    DESKTOP           MSTS              A   B   C   D - Frame Rates
    -------           ----              -------------
    640 x 480 x 32    640 x 480 x 32    19  19  40  0
        - " -         800 x 600 x 32    18  18  40 -0
        - " -        1024 x 768 x 32     4   1        had to Abort. 
    800 x 600 x 32    640 x 480 x 32    18  18  40  0
        - " -         800 x 600 x 32    18  18  40 -0
        - " -        1024 x 768 x 32     4   1        had to Abort. 
    1024 x 768 x 32   640 x 480 x 32    18  18  40  0
        - " -         800 x 600 x 32    18  18  40  0
        - " -        1024 x 768 x 32     4   1  38 -0
    There is a moral and logic there somehwere, to be pondered over by the Creators of MSTS and Add-Ons ?

    But having read most of the Messages in the Forum for the past 2 weeks and laboured hard to make MSTS, especially Activities, do what I want them to do, to no avail, I am inclined to say that I think it best to wait for the next release of MSTS, hoping that most of what we are struggling to achieve will be easier then !

    I sincerely hope so !

    Afterthought ! Why not show a Screenshot as well :-)

    [Link Expired]

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    Default RE: FRAME RATES - Display Settings ( Desktop and MSTS)

    Hmmm...I am getting frame rates above 35 (or even 40 to 50, depending on scenery density) in 1024x768x32 with all details on the following machine:

    * Athlon 1400 (not O/C) on ASUS A7V133 mobo (VIA 4.37 drivers installed)
    * ASUS V8200 T2 GF3 Ti 200 64 MB DDRAM AGP vid card with V 29.40 drivers
    * 512 MB PC-133 RAM
    * WD Caviar 1000BB 100 gig 7200 rpm ATA100 HD (divided into one 40 gig and two 30 gig partitions) running on onboard Promise ATA100 controller

    I also have the TS command line options for FSAA, anisotropic filtering and "nofiltercab" (to avoid those odd grid lines in the cabview background) enabled. My monitor is a not-quite-new-but-very-well-working Belinea 107015 17".


    "Homini plurima ex homine sunt mala."

    - Plinius Maior, Naturalis Historia 7,1,5

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    Default RE: FRAME RATES - Display Settings ( Desktop and MSTS)

    It is strange you are getting frame rates that low with the system you have, while using 1024/768 mode. I had better rates with an Athlon 600 and 32 mb graphics card. With my current system, on most routes using 1024/768 on both machine and MSTS I get between 24 and 60 fps with all the routes I have. There seems to be a compatability problem, but I could not guess what it is.

    Being 55, I use reading glasses, and cannot understand why you need 800/600 mode with a 21 inch Monitor.


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    Default RE: FRAME RATES - Display Settings ( Desktop and MSTS)

    >There is a moral and logic
    >there somehwere, to be pondered
    >over by the Creators of
    >MSTS and Add-Ons ?

    Yes the moral is that some people don't know how to get their system to run properly and that's not the fault of or problem for add on designers... but a problem with the machine being run.

    Those are absolutely appallingly poor frame rates for such a high spec machine. I run MSTS on three separate machines.... This one is the worst of them, an athlon 12000 with a GeForce2 MX400 and 256Megs of DDR Ram. I still get between 32 and 60 Fps, with all the detail on and the same test!! Your system is really dragging it's heels there.

    Best Regards,
    Julian (Fozzy The Bear)

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    Default RE: FRAME RATES - Display Settings ( Desktop and MSTS)

    [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON Jun-18-02 AT 05:21PM (EDT)[/font][p]There is that Magic Word again, Julian, Geforce2 :-)

    Seems from what I read elsewhere to be one of the best cards for MSTS. Somehow missed it getting a VODOO 5500 instead. ;-)

    I have been working with Guillemot, the manufacturers of the card, for almost one week trying to find a setting to stop MSTS re-booting the machine. Finally succeeded, no thanks to them, but perhaps not the ideal solution. Who knows, new MoBo, new Chipset on it, new chip on the Graphics board, all more or less un-tested. Why do I not practice what I preach to my clients: NEVER BUY THE FIRST OF ANYTHING ! :-)

    Elsewhere in MSTS, Seaview, Wupper, Arlberg, Just Trains TGV and the Port Ogden run fine, average 20-30 F.p.S. But in the Newark & New Jersey there are spots when the frame rates slow down to less than a crawl. Teemo thinks that changing the way MSTS gathers and reads his files might improve that somewhat, but he too is struggling with the way MSTS has been designed.

    FS2002 Pro runs like a dream, most settings at MAX, average Frame Rates 20 !

    You say you tried the very same precise Starting Point with your older machine and it does not crawl in that bend ? Amazing !

    Added the Screenshot later to make sure you all know what I am talking about in case you haven't got the N.&.N.J. installed :-)

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    Default RE: FRAME RATES - Display Settings ( Desktop and MSTS)

    I don't need glasses, yet, David, but working with the MSTS Editor in 1024 x 768 makes me feel a bit dizzy when I came out of it again ! Not used to it, I suppose.

    My eyes seem to be more comfortable looking at 800 x 600 resolution, especially when I am programming a lot in "lower case".

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    Default RE: FRAME RATES - Display Settings ( Desktop and MSTS)

    [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON Jun-18-02 AT 08:14PM (EDT)[/font][p]Probably that anemic ATI Radeon card, ATI was left in the dust by Nvidia a long time ago, has been trying to catch up with Nvidia ever since, and they just keep falling further behind. Equivelant in price to the GEFORCE 4 Ti-4600, performs almost as good as the older, much cheaper GEFORCE 3 Ti-500. Caveat emptor.
    Short of buying a new card, there are things you can do to tweak it, hold down the delete key while booting to get to the BIOS setup screen. Usually something like "advanced chipset" options, look for things like AGP aperture, AGP fast write, AGP 4X, fiddle with those settings and test it. If it hangs and won't boot, just turn it off and back on again, hold down the delete key, and change whatever screwed it up back to the previous value.

    I'm not quite as geriatric as you, but I'm in worse shape - one thing I did was to go to the optometrist and get a special pair of reading glasses so I wouldn't wear my neck out trying to see thru the bottom of my bifocals. These glasses are focused for the 28-32" optimum distance for computer monitors instead of the usual 18-22" for normal reading glasses, and I think they were well worth the money.

    Another tip, I like the 1024x768 for the desktop, more room for clutter, but I customize assorted settings in the desktop appearance menu to make stuff easier to see.

    [Link Expired]
    Instead of "use large icons", I manually set the numbers to halfway between the large and small ones, increase the font sizes till it's comfortable, and boldface them. (This is actual size, cropped to 800x600, what I usually use for screenshots, to be kind to the 56k dial-up users!)

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    Default RE: FRAME RATES - Display Settings ( Desktop and MSTS)

    On my machine with my GeForce2 I get much better fps in 1024x764 mode than any other! That's gotta be the GeForce2 talkin!


    AMD K6-2 @380mhz
    184mb RAM :-)
    Nvidia GeForce2 MX400 64mb :D !!!
    Windows XP Pro :-) !!!
    Playing MSTS AND Trainz... Yes Trainz!

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    Default RE: FRAME RATES - Display Settings ( Desktop and MSTS)

    Yea, I knew I made a damn mistake with that ATI chip card. That's the best they had at out local Computer Store at that time. Was too impatient to order a better one online, drat :-(.

    Now I will just have to wait until the next generation of cards with DirectX 9 come along and MSTS-2 is being released, taking advantage off it all, one hopes !

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