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Thread: Broken Couplers

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    aussierusti Guest

    Default Broken Couplers

    Hi ppl,I know I saw a fix somewhere to make the couplers stronger,but cant remember where.Could some kind soul tell me where to find that information please.When you get to my age,it's hard to remember. :-(

    Thanks Russell

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    UtilityInfielder Guest

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    The Web Wiz has a link on the above page for his article: "broken coupler fix"

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    georgi55 Guest

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    If you need to fix only default ones, you can download my MSTS Breaking Couplers And FRED Position Fix. (
    Be advised that using it it will delete all modification you have done to defualt rolling stocks.

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    kevarc Guest

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    Its right here on T-S, in the FAQ's. Link at bottom of page>

    Kevin Arceneaux

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