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    I keep getting the Hardware Accelerator message when I try to start the TS program. From reading previous posts I'm pretty sure its my video card, but before I buy a new one, I would like someone to confirm it, please.

    My system is a No Name that I built myself.
    1 Gig AMD Duron processor
    256k ram
    Diamond Stealth 64 Video Card
    Loads of space on my HD

    Any advise would be appreciated. I will be going to another Computer show next week.

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    First thing to try is check out if the one you have is configured correctly. I made a shortcut on my desktop for this, you can do that by right clicking on the desktop, select new, shortcut, and browse instead of typing a path and filename in the command line. Either way, you can alos open Windows Explorer and browse to C:\Program Files\DirectX\Setup\DXdiag.exe.

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    Once you get the DirectX diagnostic tool up, go to the display page and check that the acceleration is enabled, and run the tests.

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    Stealth 64? I don't think that has the right kind of 3d acceleration... and I'm pretty sure it doesn't have enough onboard ram...

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    Another way to get to DXDiag is:
    Start, Run, type in dxdiag, ok.
    That's the easy way for us computer dummies. :-)

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    this is correct Mr. Willard , the stealth doesn't have the acceleration.

    In answer to the original message...If you are looking for suggestions , well , only thing I can say , is most people have Nvidia based video cards .
    you have to match your motherboard however ( 4X agp card on a 2X agp board will still only run at 2X

    as with most games , the video card seems to be the largest bottleneck for msts ,
    so an off the cuff suggestion is to get as much as you can afford.

    good luck!

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