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Thread: Hoosac Tunnel photos.

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    Default Hoosac Tunnel photos.

    Wow my 200th post! I thought I'd celebrate with an update on my Hoosac Tunnel route progress. The track ends in Charlemont and now I'm looking at photos that I can use to build the surrounding area correctly. To tie you over though, here's a site I found that has good photos of the tunnel and North Adams when the tunnel was still double track.

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    I was just up there a few weeks ago. It is funny to see the tunnel as double tracked when it looks like a tight fit single tracked. I also have a shot of two Guilford freights going through Charelmont I took last summer. But I have no idea how to post them here. Shame on me.

    But keep up the work. I'd love to see your route when it's done.


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    This first shot is of North Adams Station. I used the O&W station since no one has made the North Adams station, but it's set up right.
    [Link Expired]
    This next one is looking out of the tunnel at track level.
    [Link Expired]
    The third is of the west end of Soapstone siding which is just across the river from the East portal.
    [Link Expired]
    This next shot is at Zoar curve a famous spot for B&M photos.
    [Link Expired]
    And finally, this is the end of the route in Charlemont.

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