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    I am newer to route building and i cannot figure out how to put in grade crossings, can someone walk me through this

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    You might have better liuck posting this in the Route Design forum, batter chance of talking to someone who knows what they're talking about :-)



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    hi there,

    I'll attempt to answer your question on this forum anyways.. :)

    If you are looking to place automated road crossings be sure to put your cursor on the track when you place them! MSTS needs to know where the exact junction is with the road and rails.. It will place an orange box as well.. The actual automated crossing objects that you see while playing MSTS and that you have selected (e.g.: crossing_sign01.s) will accompany this orange box when you place it on the track.. (I think I understand what you've been attempting: to put the "signal object" on the side of the track.. thus, getting an error message..) (The placing of train signals also applies here, as you need to place the actual object ON the track first.. You will get a red pyramid instead of the orange box in this case..)

    There are other factors that one should also take into account when placing crossing signals as well.. If any traffic will be travelling on the road be sure you have the carspawners set up BEFORE you place the actual crossing signals.. One needs to initially place the crossing signal (the orange box) ON TOP of the carspawner path as well, if you want cars to actually stop at the crossing.. The blue and white carspawner line MUST go through the orange box in order for the cars to "notice" the crossing..

    Once this is all complete, feel free to move the "visible" crossing object that you have selected to any position you'd like.. Also, by right clicking on the orange box, you can get the parameters of the crossing and change it according to the speed/layout of your tracks..

    Hope this helps!

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