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Thread: Quick Question for anyone looking for a small challenge

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    Default Quick Question for anyone looking for a small challenge

    I know this doesn't really belong in here, but I figure maybe someone might know the answer to it real quick... but it sorta belongs in here in that there is something not associating correctly..

    I downloaded a repainted CSX livery of a SW1500, which the original was in a green livery of which I dont know what RR it was painted for. Anyway, it's a real good model, I like it a lot.

    However, my question is,
    The entire model is painted correctly to a CSX-BC paint scheme, I can see that fine on all the exterior views... and I can see the model painted in the CSX-BC livery on the heads out (window) view, and when I toggle right inside the cab I can see the hand rails (this is looking out the back window) painted yellow, BUT... Inside the cab at the control stand looking out straight the livery color of the front of the locomotive outside is still in the green scheme of the original SW1500.

    For some reason, my cab editor likes to crash alot when viewing cabs other than the ones that came with the game - but anyway, I was able I think atleast once to view the cab file of the SW1500 and it showed the CSX-BC livery on the outside of the locomotive. I checked the Eng file of the CSX SW1500 I downloaded, the only cvf file thats in the cabview folder is associated with the eng file.

    So to sum it up, I can see the repaint of Mark Toland's original SW1500 in a CSX livery, except when Im at the controls inside the cab - the paint on the outside is still green.

    It doesnt really bother me, just would be nice to figure out this problem that's been baffling me for the past 2 days. I haven't got a clue what's wrong.

    Thanks for your time, everyone

    P.S. I dont have the original SW1500 done by Mark Toland, and the cabview folder does have a bitmap of what the loco should look like outside at the controls

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    Default RE: Quick Question for anyone looking for a small challenge

    [font size="1" color="#FF0000"]LAST EDITED ON Jun-23-02 AT 02:40AM (EDT)[/font][p]Hi,

    I have downloaded this loco too.
    After a few minutes, I tackled your problem.
    Every cabview has two frontview ace files:
    - One for a resolution lower than 1024, in this case SW1500frnt.ace
    - One for a resolution from 1024 and higher, in this case SW1500frnt1024.ace
    The game automatically selects the right view file according to the resolution you have set in the Options dialog.
    The SW1500frnt.ace is repainted, but... oh surprise the SW1500frnt1024.ace is not.
    I assume you run on a resolution of 1024 or higher, this way you get the unrepainted cabview.
    The left cabview file is also unrepainted and still green.

    Contact the original repainter and ask him to repaint these cabviews too.

    A quick and dirty solution is to rename the SW1500frnt.ace to SW1500frnt1024.ace and see what the game does.

    Dick van den Hoven
    [Link Expired]

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    LordTauk Guest

    Default RE: Quick Question for anyone looking for a small challenge

    Cool, thanks for your help.

    I will try your dirty solution to see if it works in a bit, overall I overlooked the possibility that the repainter didn't have a repaint in 1024X768.

    Thanks for your time

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