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Thread: An Apology from CPR_Malice_96th

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    Default An Apology from CPR_Malice_96th

    Heres the storey..

    I get home from watching Shelly ( band practice ) the other night and the girlfreind tells me..

    " The computer is doing funny things "

    I say

    " What did you do "

    Now of course she gets into a huff about ME presuming that she did somthing and thats pretty much the end of that part of the onversation..

    THEN !!!!!

    As I am in restarting the computer to see what sort of errors I am getting, from the next room she asks .....

    " Who is Elanor and why is she looking forward to seeing you ?? "

    I say

    " Huh ? "

    She says

    " Yes you got an e-mail from a girl named Elanor who said she was looking forward to seeing you but the e-mail was blank "

    So right now I'm thinking Oh of those stupid viruses !!

    Right away I ask

    " You didn't open the attachment did you ???? " ( sweat now rolling down my forehead ..

    She says ...... This is quite funny now that I look back at the system that I just had to have EVERYTHING re-installed on

    Anyways she says....

    " Well nothing happened the FIRST time I clicked on the attacment, SO I tried it 3 more times !!!!!!! "

    Are you kidding me !!!!

    Anyways if ANYONE has recieved E-mails from me in the last 24 hours...


    I should be up and running again by toniht ( after band practice ) so it could be pretty later, but just so you know, E-mails from me should be deleted within the last couple days......

    Sorry again

    Tim Kent
    "Power for You

    Tim K - VIA Rail Canada 🇨🇦 Western Region

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    Default RE: An Apology from CPR_Malice_96th

    Oh, man...For a second, I thought you had been eaves-dropping on one of my conversations with my ol' lady - doh!

    Marc - 3DTrains

    Marc - 3DTrains - Home of the Feather River and Sherman Hill routes for MSTS


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    Default RE: An Apology from CPR_Malice_96th

    Here's a few tricks:


    Never tell [h1] anyone [/h1] your password.


    Never let [h1] anyone [/h1] else on your P.C.


    Never let [h1] anyone [/h1] touch your P.C.

    Works for me.

    Well, the first pointer anyway.

    But then again, I do have a seperate P.C. I use for the web.

    [a href=""][Link Expired] [/a]

    Simtrain UK - Payware reviews our speciality - includes Dekosoft Geeps

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    Default RE: An Apology from CPR_Malice_96th

    Just emailed you.. might be able to help you out..


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