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Thread: Big Boy Whistle not continuous?

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    Default Big Boy Whistle not continuous?

    Hi. I downloaded the NALW's Big Boy from their site the night it came out and downloaded and installed the whistle fix. When I activated the whistle, all it does is four short blows no matter how I press the horn key. Is this on purpose, or is it a mistake? Thanks

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    I'm pretty sure it's not as it's supposed to be. My understanding is that in order to release the Big Boy on the scheduled date the better sound system they were working on had to be removed and replaced with an older effort. I myself am hearing the short whistle sounds and also have the engine sound cut out for as much as a minute or two.

    The Big Boy is a fantastic piece of work but of course with any v1.0 release there will be problems. I believe in the next week or two there will be a patch or new release that will take care of these issues. So, enjoy the Big Boy as is and keep a watch out for updates.

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    Default RE: Big Boy Whistle not continuous?

    If you want a fully working whistle see the following post :

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    "Big Boy Whistle, One Solution"

    I've just used this fix and can thoroughly recommend it as it works a treat, continuous whistle blasts for as long as you want :-).


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